Lessons from The Open…

17191817_1440997459275441_2754411502224978425_oThe Open exposes all of our weaknesses across the board.  There is no escaping this fact. It reveals our complacencies, our strengths, and our total inadequacies.

For me, I couldn’t be happier.  I met all of my goals in the workouts (except for the bar muscle up in 17.2).  I PR’ed my snatch at 95 lbs.  I crushed 17.5 as it played to my strengths.  I got off the rower in 17.4 and got one Handstand push-up.  I finished 126th in my region for my age group and finished 56th in my state for my age group.  I am SUPER excited about this!

However, the most important lesson I have taken away is my renewed desire to improve all of my weaknesses, to get stronger, to be the best, to crush all the Open Workouts in 2018.

What I wish I would have done:  I got complacent in my double unders.  I have them but they are not consistent.  I stopped practicing them months ago and it showed in 17.5.  I could have shaved 2 minutes off my time if I hadn’t of stumbled in the double unders.  They are so taxing and I get so winded.  I haven’t learned to breathe through them and they definitely aren’t consistent.  It bothers me.

Same with my muscle-up.  I knew it was coming back in September.  But I got so frustrated that I couldn’t do them that I stopped doing them all together until the Open was almost upon us and then it was too late.  I would rip trying to get one and then be done for a week waiting for my hands to heal.  Again, I got frustrated with it.  Because I have the strength.  It’s the technique.

Same with chest-to-bar.  I got so frustrated kipping them that I only stricted them.  So in the Open, I stricted all of them and lost time.

So, I have set new goals for the entire year to improve upon.  I want to increase strength so 155 lb deadlift is not heavy for me and a 95 lb snatch is not a PR.  I want to increase skill so double unders and pull ups are second nature and I don’t have to think so hard about them.  Keep up my cardio so I can still kick butt.  And push myself beyond my limits and my mindset to achieve what I haven’t been able to.

Summary:  The Open exposes our weaknesses like no other.  But it shows us areas to be stronger.  Be better.  And succeed.  Both in CrossFit and in life.

The Goal: Community

Hey all!

Welcome to my site!

I have a confession to make:  I’m addicted to CrossFit.  It’s better than drugs (not that I’ve tried any) or any other artificial substance.

I’ve been doing CrossFit for almost a year and a half.  My Journey (which will become this blog) is as haphazard as all of yours.  My goal is to create a community here where we can go to vent, encourage, and regenerate when you’re in a funk.  It’s a place to grow and maintain accountability because it’s all to easy to be complacent in areas (like I just discovered in the Open).

Please leave comments.  Please email me (crossfitmomm@gmail.com).  Please grow with me.  In whatever your goals are:  weight loss, build muscle, be healthy, or just to beat the boys!  I’d love to hear from all of you!