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The Pitfalls of Partner WODs…

I learned early on to dread partner workout days.  Today is one of those days.  There are many reasons for this.

1) I’d rather do the workout by myself.  I don’t like resting as you all heard about in my last post.  I don’t like standing around.  I’d rather be doing the work.  That’s why I’m at my box.  Where there’s an option of partners or not, I always choose the not.

2) It all depends on who your partners are.  Two weeks ago, my gang of gals who are about at my level didn’t show up.  So I had to partner with the 2 new gals.  And it was a barbell parter WOD.  I’d rather have partnered with the guys cause they were so slow.  I stood around a lot and brooded the whole time how this sucked.  Nothing against the 2 gals (I was there once).  But I’m not there any more.  And it was a fun workout that turned into blah.

3)  The partner WODs are hardly ever even.  You end up playing to each other’s strengths so either one does more pull-ups or one does more bar work or run work, etc.  Hence, you don’t get to work on what you need to work on.  For instance, 2 weeks ago, I did most of the lifts.  Which was fine.  But then the other 2 took most of the rowing.  And they were SLOW at rowing.

4)  The worst reason:  when partners are chosen for you!  This happened to me today and I almost lost it.  I like working out with my friends.  It’s what makes CrossFit early in the morning fun.  I don’t like working out with people I don’t know.  Sure, you could say it forces me to get to know them.  Fine.  But I really want to talk to my friends more.

So what does this say about me?  You could psychoanalysis this and say how I’m not a team player and I don’t like sharing, etc.  But for someone as driven as me, who’s not lazy, and who’s always in it to win it, I have a hard time letting others do something I know I’m better at and relying on them.  If we fail, I want it to be because I failed, not because someone else did.  CrossFit is not a team sport.  If I wanted to be on a team sport, I’d play softball or soccer or something.  Instead, I like to get beat up.  When I don’t get beat up, I’m not happy.  Remember the problem post?

Yep, another problem I have…

2 thoughts on “The Pitfalls of Partner WODs…

  1. Boxes shouldn’t ask if you want to it to be a team workout or not. They should have it set to a specific day in the week, that way the people who want in can just turn up and everyone else can go about their day. My Crossfit box sets Saturdays as a team workout and it works really well for them.


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