I Strung Together Two Bar Muscle-ups Today!!

I’m so excited!!!

I love it when you accomplish a goal in CrossFit.  It’s the best feeling ever!2016 Open Standards

Like first pull-ups, rope climb, double under, bar muscle-up, etc.

I’ve been trying for a few weeks now to link bar muscle-ups, doing drills off of WodPrep.com‘s suggestions such as starting at the top of a bar muscle up and just practicing.

Today I did two in a row!

It was ugly and sloppy and I definitely “muscled it up”.  But I was so happy!

Goal accomplished…

Now, it’s just getting better technique and more and more…

God, do I LOVE CrossFit….

I’m Officially a PROFESSIONAL Athlete!

I ran a 5k today.1007171046a_hdr1526998721.jpg

I came in 2nd place.

I won $50 cash.

In the last 5k I ran, I also won a $50 gift card for coming in 1st place.


It’s official…I’m a professional athlete, earning money doing sports.

“You just need to win 50 more,” my husband tells me upon telling him the news.

“Thanks, honey. Love you too.”

The day was perfect for October in the town of Timnath in Northern Colorado at their Taste in Timnath Fall Festival & 5k Event. Started brisk. Warmed up with the Colorado sun. Glorious!

I PR’ed my 5k by 2 whole minutes and my two kids PR’ed as well!10071710461784078248.jpg

Beautiful day. Fun Festival with face painting, pop corn, candy corn, snow cones, pumpkin painting, bands, food, and much more. Won Starbucks money. And I got a new career!

It was a glorious day indeed!



Humbled by the Pull-UP…Again…

Today we had pull-ups in our WOD.

I haven’t really been doing pull-ups lately becaus789cdc4734fe45f558a8b1d24241d0f6e I’ve been focusing on toes-to-bar and bar muscle-ups.

So, needless to say, it seems my butterfly kip had gone to pot.  It took me a couple of rounds to find it.

Then I just skipped the WOD completely at the end and just did pull-ups until I felt confident in my butterfly again.

I left with a nice blood blister–and the conviction that I gotta do more pull-ups regularly.


It’s always something that gets me.

Will I EVER get to the point when I will have it all mastered?

No, silly.  That’s why you do CrossFit.

Ok, then, how about some things mastered?

Time to re-do my skill workouts…


Why is NO ONE Writing about the 2018 CrossFit Open?

I’ve been googling this for about two weeks now and STILL I can’t find any information.

Even basic stuff:  When does the Open start, predictions on what moves will be included, etc.

So I guess I’ll get the conversation started.

I can’t tell you when the Open will start (let me know if you know!).11-2-dumbbells-png-file

I can make movement predictions:  HSPU, double unders, chest-to-bar pull-ups, thrusters, and dumbbells.  Probably a row.  Bar muscle-ups.  Toes-to-bar.  A climbing barbell sequence.

I think dumbbells will definitely make another appearance.  Either that or we’ll repeat 17.1 since Dave Castro always repeats one of the previous Open workouts.

A word of advice:  you need to be preparing NOW!  You got five months.  Pick the moves you want to get better at and put a program together.  Improving overall is good as well, but you need to concentrate on skills at this point.

Happy Pre-Open!!

I Could Be Doing So Much More…

Work is easy.4905cbf94e5942bfadcd5bb06646a0f5-tag

When it becomes easy, it’s time to move on.

The Open is coming.  I gotta prepare.  I finally feel “over” my injuries.

It’s go time.

In both areas of my life.

When I need a change, I get an itch.  Not a literal one.  But an uneasiness inside.  And it’s here now.

I’m praying about a job that will pay me what I’m worth and work for my family and one I can be passionate about and not dread every day.

Today in CrossFit I realized I need to push myself more.  I can be so much faster.  But I didn’t push.  I was upset afterwards.

I’m at the level in CrossFit where I’m the first one done, but I have no one to push me. And I need that.  And in my box it doesn’t exist.

I’m uneasy in both areas.  I feel like I’m not doing enough.  I need to do more.