When Your Body Tells You No More…

I worked out on Tuesday.  I back squatted.  I did the WOD.  I did an hour of FIT classes.  I was wiped.

On Wednesday I did the WOD and it took everything I had.  I didn’t want to do anything.  I also subbed an hour fitness class.  It was during this class that my voice started to go.

I knew it:  I was getting sick.

Last night was miserable.  I tossed and turned.  I was hot and cold.  I took some Nyquil and that finally helped me to sleep.

I had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.thcawovzca

I had a fever.

I took some DayQuil.

That kicked in and I took a shower and managed a bit of house work until it wore off and my fever returned.

I had a meeting with work.  Downed more DayQuil to get through it.

Then home to bed.

My body had had enough.

Rest.  Rest.  And more rest.

As hard as that is, that’s what I need.

All I Think About is CrossFit…Is that Normal?

I’m on vacation in Steamboat Springs, CO, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

And all I can think about is getting back to the box.

I’m checking my app to see the workout for today.

I’m re-doing my CrossFit blog (and my Christian blog as well).

I’m planning my workout schedule this week.  Seeing what I need to work on.

I’m focused on the Open, trying to string together longer and longer moves.  Praying I get my handstand walks before the Open but knowing I have a long way to go.

I’m researching Comps (I have one in January and one in February, but I want to squeeze one more in in-between before the Open).

I’m writing up my 2018 goals and the most complete and specific are my CrossFit goals.

And in between I’m watching it snow!

But I have problems.

I readily admit them.

“Hi.  My name is Jen.  And I’m addicted to CrossFit.”

Happy New Year!

Steamboat Springs, CO


2018 CrossFit Goals

I met all of my CrossFit goals for 2017, which included bar muscle ups, butterfly pull-ups, and gaining strength.

2018 CrossFit Goals are:

Handstand walksgoals

Ring muscle-ups

Continue to grow in strength and form especially in Olympic lifting

Strict Handstand Push ups

Improve unbroken numbers in pull-ups, barbell moves, double unders, bar muscle ups, toes to bar, chest to bar pull ups

Improve my mental fortitude

Improve my “push” ability especially when I’m the leader of the pack

Improve my rowing

Kill it in the Open this year–push until I can push no longer

Improve my dumbbell moves

Butterfly chest to bar pull ups

Improve my 5k PR

Run a 10k

Continue to push myself beyond what I think I’m capable of….every day.

Live with no regrets.

2017 End of Year Stats…

Hey all!

I wanted to share with you my growth in strength over the last year.  Here are the numbers:

Back squat:  Previous:  180.  Current PR:  210  Percentage increase:  16.67%

Front squat:  Previous:  140.  Current PR:  175  Percentage increase:  25%

Overhead squat:  Previous:  100 Current PR:  115  Percentage increase:  15%

Squat Clean:  Previous:  105  Current PR:  140 Percentage increase:  33.33%

Power Clean:  Previous:  110  Current PR:  135 Percentage increase:  22.72%

Bench Press:  Previous:  100  Current PR:  102  Percentage increase:  2%

Split Jerk:  Previous:  115  Current PR:  140  Percentage increase:  21.74%

Snatch:  Previous:  90  Current PR:  105  Percentage increase:  16.67%

Deadlift:  Previous:  185  Current PR:  230  Percentage increase:  24.32%

These numbers are a little surprising.  I’ve made the biggest jumps in Olympic lifts.  The bench press number is skewed as I haven’t maxed bench press in a while.  Same for back squat.  I’m happy with my deadlift progress.

I can’t back off as the New Year and the Open approaches.  I definitely want my back squat to improve this coming year and my deadlift.  My Olympic lifts will follow.

2018 will be a good year.  A good year indeed.


I Didn’t Push Myself…And I’m Pissed About it

I didn’t push myself today because I had the pacing off.c63867518e8936494600c4cb25f77b09

I’m pissed off about it and will re-do the workout tomorrow.

I know I can do better and it sucks.

Two things I’m noticing:

1) I have nothing in me on Thursdays.  I was swimming on Thursdays for active recovery but can’t resist a good CrossFit workout,but now I’ve decided after today to just do the workout on my own if it’s good.  I HAVE to take Thursdays off and get back in the pool.  Period.  Otherwise, I just go to CrossFit and my workout sucks and it pisses me off.  This is the second week this has happened.

2)  When no one shows up to work against, I become lackadaisical.  And I hate that.  I have to find a way to push myself even when no one is at my level.  And I just haven’t found that yet.

Lessons learned only through experience.  My body needs rest.  AND I have to push myself even when I’m way out in front.  I have to.  Now finding that inner drive will be the hard part.


2017 Breakdown of All the Money I’ve Spent on CrossFit…

I’m praying my husband doesn’t read this.

Here’s the money I spent on CrossFit this year:

$499 USAW Level 1 Certification

$179 New Nike Romaleos Lifters

$45 New Jump Rope

$90 New grips

$250 Weight vest and extra weights

$265 CrossFit Competitions

$1000 CrossFit Box membership fees

$150 CrossFit workout clothesCrossFit Comp 2

$40 Weight belt

$110 CrossFit Nano 6 Shoes

$20 Bandaids

$60 Hot Stuff/gloves

$960 Massages for a year

$800 Muscle Activation Sessions

$50 Barbell clips

$80 Oly Classes

Grand Total:  $4598

Way I feel and look:  priceless.


To CrossFit, You MUST Have Short-Term Memory Loss…

02325bfd0d415d68ed63fcc1932bd7fd-meaning-of-life-goldfishAs I was lying on the massage table yesterday, clenching my teeth in pain because my glutes are so tight, I asked myself, “Why do I do this to myself?”

Every month I get a massage.

Every month it hurts like hell.

However, every time I walk out the door, I can move again.

But why do I do this?

Normal reaction when telling others you are getting a massage:  “Oh, that’s so great!  I love massages!  They’re so relaxing and feel so good.”

My usual response:  “Not my massages.  They hurt like hell, and I have to get them in order to continue moving.”

Naturally, my thoughts turned to some of the horrible WOD’s we do (we had a couple this week).  Why do I keep doing this to myself?

Then it hit me:  Because I have short term memory loss.

I forget how much my massage hurts by the time my next one rolls around.  I forget how much 17.1 hurt and how I was laid up in bed all weekend with my back sore as hell.  In fact, I am actually hoping we do that one again in this Open so I get a second chance.

Competitions.  The day after you can barely walk.  You’re sore.  You might have torn.  Yet I can’t wait until my next one.

Muscle Activation Therapy.  Hurts like hell.  Yet I can move my arm afterwards.

Therefore, I have concluded we all must have short-term memory loss in order to keep doing CrossFit.  There can be no other logical explanation as to why we do what we do every day.  Why we put our bodies through hell.  Why we show up to the box every day before dawn.  Why we do multiple WOD’s in a day (like I did yesterday).  Why we put up with something tweaked day in and day out.

So keep it up, memory.  Forget the pain and focus instead on how healthy I look in the mirror, how good I feel when I can go on long hikes with my kids, how picking up heavy objects is no big deal, how my home away from home is my box, how I don’t know what I’d do without CrossFit.