On the Other Side of Darkness…


A recent lunar eclipse at my house

The summer solstice is over.


Call me a vampire, but I like the dark.

I like the dark in the morning. I like the dark at night. I like the dark all the time.

I like to workout when it’s dark. I like to walk my dog when it’s dark. I like to be out in the dark. I like coming home and it’s dark. I like going to bed and it’s dark.

I like candles. Lots of candles. That light up the dark–but in small patches.

I like the coolness of the dark. I like the quiet of the dark. I like how the dark chases others in.

Ah, darkness…welcome back!

I Sleep in my Workout Clothes…

Some people sleep in workout clothes so when they get up in the morning they’re ready to work out.  These type of people say they are more likely to work out doing so.Image result for sleeping in workout clothes

I do the opposite.

I sleep in the clothes I’ve already worked out in because I’m too exhausted at night to change.  I tell myself I’m more likely to sleep better if I do.

So which person are you?