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Low Back Squats…

51qninunshl-_sy346_I finished up my car book and am in-between books.  So I spotted a book my husband had bought entitled Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training by Mark Rippetoe and became fascinated by the Low Back Squat.  I immediately googled videos and spent 2 hours on YouTube watching and learning.  I am fascinated!

So Low Back Squats moves the bar further down your back and you squat more in a vertical line.  It totally makes sense to me.  I googled CrossFit and all the athletes are doing the “normal” high back squats.  But I want to try this and am interested in your feedback.  What’s your experience with the different squats?  Have you tried the Low Back Squats?

I’m wondering if a combination of doing both (high back squats and low back squats) would be the most effective in building muscle.  Would love your ideas!!

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