A Life of Constant Soreness…

When you choose to beat your body up like I do, you’re constantly sore.

Moving can be a challenge (especially after having sat for long stretches of time).

Daily activities are not quite so easy (laundry, dishes, mopping, vacuuming, bending over, climbing stairs, etc).

Right now, I’m super sore.CrossFit MOB 4

For some reason, I decided to sign up for the Granite Games qualifier.  Just to see how I’d do. Right now, I’m in 40th place for masters division.  I need to be in 10th or higher to make it.  I had to work out on Friday night and Sunday morning.  My legs are trashed.  I’ve been practicing handstands and muscle ups so my arms are super sore.

Yet there’s a push I can’t explain.  One that tells me to keep going despite the soreness.  To keep reaching for my goals.  To keep striving.  To keep on, keeping on.

So I do…

Some Days I Wonder Why I Do the Things I Do…

I’m laying in bed, and my butt’s sore.Image result for weighted lunges

Specifically, my glutes.

Why? you may ask.

Because on Friday I decided to change the workout at my box because it was too easy.  It was jumping lunges, but I decided to do weighted lunges instead.

And now my butt is paying the price.

Why do I do the things I do again?


This Hero WOD had everything in it: a push, a pull, a squat, and cardio/run.

It is:  Ten rounds of:  150 m run, 7 chest to bar pull ups, 7 front squats at 95 lbs for women, and 7 handstand push-ups.

Named after Corporal Nicholas Bulger who died in 2009 by an IED in Afghanistan, this WOD is perfect in every way.  I stricted all the chest to bar pull ups.  The temperature at 4 am was amazing.  I love being outdoors under the moonlight working up a sweat.  I just love working out.  With really great moves and feeling like I’m accomplishing something with my body.  Constantly pushing and striving and achieving.

I really can’t explain it beyond that…



Getting Your Butt Kicked by Dumbbells…

One of my weaknesses:  dumbbells.

I did dumbbell thrusters today and hang clean and jerks.Image result for dumbbells

And got my butt whipped!

I’ve become pretty good at dumbbell snatches because we do them more often.  But not these movements.

I need to add them in at least once every week or two weeks.

So much to do…


99% of Every Goal is Mental…

Yesterday I did Holleyman.

This entailed a heavy power clean.

The RX weight is 155 pounds.

I had it in my mind that that was my max.

So I thought I’d do 125 pounds.

But during warm ups, that weight was light, so I tried 135 pounds and had no problem.

I’ll just do 135 pounds and then drop the weight if I can’t do it.CrossFit DNR 7

I ended up doing all 30 reps at 135 pounds.

When I finished, I go to log my workout in my app that tracks all of my workouts.  It turns out my MAX power clean ever is 135 pounds!

So is it mental?


I know I have a mental problem with my deadlift weight.  Every time it gets heavy, I tell myself I don’t want to do this, and I don’t.  It’s frustrating.

This is why I never want to know cumulative reps or how long a workout might take.  It hinders me in my mind.

This is life as well.  We tell ourselves we can’t do something, and we don’t.  We all need to have more faith in our abilities and believe we can!

Just imagine what the world would look like if we did…


Another Workout I Desperately Needed…

Today was Holleyman.  US Army Staff Sergeant Aaron Holleyman of Montana was killed in 2004 in Iraq by an IED.

30 rounds of:  5 wall balls, 3 handstand push ups (HSPU), and 1 power clean (heavy weight).

I did this one a year and a half ago.  I had to scale the HSPU and only had 85 pounds on the bar.

Today I had 135 pounds on the bar and finished in under a minute a round.

Again, my cup of tea.  The hardest part was the power cleans, but I took my time and set up each one with good form.

I remember this workout when I did it because it’s the first workout I figured out how to do kipping handstand push ups on.  It took forever, but I did it.

I crushed it.

I needed that.  I can’t believe I can do 30 power cleans at 50 pounds more than 1 1/2 years ago.  The handstand push ups were easy.  I shaved 12 minutes off my time.

What you can accomplish with time (small efforts compounded over time) continues to amaze me.  This is something I never would have imagined a year and a half ago.  It’s encouraging.  It’s exciting.  It’s what I needed–the mental boost that holds me back…

“Winning Isn’t Everything. But Wanting to Win is.”

This quote by Vince Lombardi sums up CrossFit.

Rarely do you beat everyone.  Even the CrossFit Games athletes don’t win every workout.  The “Fittest Man or Woman on Earth” only has to has the best overall score during the Games to win.

But they all have the desire to win and put 100% effort into it every time.Image result for winning crossfit

This quote sums up my CrossFit workouts.  I want to win and beat everyone.  Every time.  Every day.  Every workout.  Period.

I try my best.

And when it’s just me working out it’s me trying to beat me.

Without that desire to win, you’d have to ask yourself, “Why are you doing this?”