I Need Days Like Today…

Today’s WOD/workout was one I didn’t want to do.  It had heavy deadlifts, box jumps, wall balls, floor press and power cleans.  I knew I needed others around me when I saw it programmed.

Class was packed so lots of energy around me.  I found my rhythm and afterwards was pretty proud of how I finished (round 2 was faster than round 1).  It was definitely a “me versus self” workout.

I felt amazing afterwards.  These days are rare–and I cherish them when they happen.  Always out of nowhere.  Always, always makes my day!

Accounting for CrossFit…

2018 is already almost half-way done!  Can you believe that?!

I thought I’d update you all to the total cost of what I spent on CrossFit and maintaining my body since it’s probably already up to the total of last year’s amount:

Muscle activation:  $750

Massages:  $475

Chiropractor:  $264

Sprained wrist:  Haven’t received the bill yet

Bruised foot:  Haven’t received the bill yet

Dumbbells:  $57Image result for crossfit

CrossFit clothes:  $120

Murph Challenge:  $45

CrossFit membership fees:  $100

CrossFit competitions:  $207

Body Fat Composition Testing:  $66

Grand Total:  $2,084

This is less than I thought I think because I’m already thinking of the doctor’s bills.  Do I feel better about this?  No.  I still work to pay for CrossFit.

This morning I did Whitten.  So, yes, CrossFit is worth it and then some!

The True Cost of CrossFit…

I woke up today with my right hamstring locked up.  So tight it felt like a log.

I grab the hot stuff and lather it on.  It burns.  Hot.Me Rowing

My leg loosened.

Why? I say.  Why?

When I think of all the money I spend maintaining my body, all the hours, all the sacrifices…

Is this worth it?

What would happen if I gave it up?

What would I do with all that time and resources?

It’s all mental.  You versus yourself.  It’s the every day drudgery.  It’s the getting out of bed, rolling into the gym and doing a workout when you don’t want to.  It’s doing things no one else does.

But why?

Because at the end of the workout–when all is said and done–the feeling is better than drugs or alcohol or anything else (except maybe the coffee when I get home!).

It’s the accomplishment.  The satisfaction.  The “I can’t believe I just did that” feeling that I’m addicted to.

And that’s why…

My Mother’s Day Gift to Myself…


The word of the year for me.

Commit to ring muscles ups.  Handstand walks.

Commit to eating for life.

No longer a diet.  A nutrition plan.  A fad.Image result for coffee beach

As I’ve told you, my body has been out of whack lately.  And I need to reign it in.

Exercise.  Nutrition.  Self-care.

The piece that’s been lacking consistency is the nutrition.  One day I’m on target.  Next I fall off big time.  The next few days are on and off.  And so on and so forth.

So the self-pity party is ending.  It’s time to commit.  Today.  And why not?  It is Mother’s Day after all.  The perfect gift to myself.  The end of rollercoasters and feeling like a failure.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

When a Forced Break is Good…

Now that I can’t run or jump for one week, I’m forced to take a break from those activities.

This is a good thing.

Otherwise, I’m unsure if I would or not…

Comp Friends
Chilling with the girls!

I’ve been doing my own workouts for the past few days, focusing on active recovery.

It’s been nice.


Since for the past month I’ve been going non-stop.

I’m sure I’ll be itching to get back into the game.

But not quite yet…

I Did it Again…

I’m injured.Image result for unexpected injuries


This time it’s my right foot.

I dropped a weight.  It bounced.  Hit the top of my foot.

Some days I don’t know why I bother.

I was super pissed off.

At least it’s not broken, and my only restrictions are no running or jumping for one week.

I can handle that.


Never makes your day…