Open Letter to Dave Castro…


Dear Mr. Castro,

I have an idea for 18.1.  And I’m sure I’m not the only one.  I was wondering if you’d consider running a contest to let CrossFitters submit ideas for Open workouts and then choose one.  What better way to promote the sport of CrossFit, generate more interest in the Open, and get everyone excited, involved, and have ownership in the sport.

Picture it now:  You do the Open announcement at the box of the winner.  You choose one athlete from the box to go against a Games athlete.  What a dream come true for us average CrossFitters who will never get a chance to compete in the Games!  It would be something I know I’d never forget.  What a cherished memory!

This could be huge!  I know, it’s more work.  I get that.  Still, what do you think?  Could we give it a go?  After all, you’ll never know unless you try.  And not knowing is worse than failing.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jen Dionne

“Typically, You Take a Day Off After a Competition.”

Do I look typical?

I thought this but didn’t say it when my CrossFit coach said this first thing to me after I showed up Monday morning after my Sunday Competition.

It’s true.  CrossFitters are atypical in general.  Those who compete are insane.  Those who show up the next day to the box are well…you fill in the blank.

Next time I’m told this, my response will be:

Rich Froning never takes a day off.

Enough said.

Rich Froning in Competition
Rich Froning in Competition


What You Need to Know Before Your First CrossFit Competition…

Hey all!

So now that I have a handful of comps in the books, I’d like to give you some advice that I’ve learned–the hard way.

  1.  To perform your best, it’s all about your eating the day before and the day of.  Eat plenty of complex carbohydrates, drink lots of water, and load up on protein.
  2. The day of the event, overpack your food.  You will eat more than normal and more than you think you will.  Your muscles will be craving nourishment and you need to supply them so as not to fall flat on your face.  You don’t want to run out of food at 2 pm with one WOD left.
  3. Look at your heats and plan your meals/rest accordingly.  Plan your breakfast before you leave and when you’ll eat all throughout the day.  This may change if your body needs more, but at least have an idea what fuel you’ll need.
  4. Pack your own recovery/protein drinks.  Don’t rely on the venue for water.  Be prepared.
  5. Pack your bag the night before.  Most competitions start early and if you have to travel, this will make for a long day.  If you wait till the last minute, you will inevitably forget something.
  6. Get more sleep the night before.  Go to bed sooner.  Don’t drink alcohol–especially to an excessive amount.  You don’t want to have a hangover all morning.  Then you will hate CrossFit competitions.
  7. Bring cash.  Usually, there are vendors that sell some pretty cool stuff.  Furthermore, you may want to grab lunch if you have time or if you’re coffee obsessed like me, a coffee after your last WOD while you wait for the results.  This is priceless!
  8. Make sure you have a jacket and sweatpants.  After a WOD and you cool down, you may need one depending on if the air conditioning is blaring or it’s winter and cold out.
  9. Sunglasses!!!  Even if it’s mostly indoors, one event may be outdoors and you may need the shades to see!
  10. Band aids.  Tape.  Neosporin.  Just in case you rip, etc.
  11. All your shoes.  Lifters, CrossFit, running, casual, etc.
  12. All your personal equipment.  The last thing you want to forget is your jump rope!  This includes, weight belt, grips, wrist guards, knee sleeves, and any other personal gear you wear.  One guy had a singlet on last competition!
  13. A positive and open attitude.  Talk to the other competitors.  Cheer them on.  Get to know them.  One, it’s cool to meet other CrossFitters.  Two, you never know what tips these seasoned veterans hold.  Be friendly and open and you’ll have a blast!
  14. It’s not about winning (well, it is), but seriously, have fun!  That’s why you signed up.  To compete in cool WOD’s with other serious CrossFitters at different boxes and enjoy the sport we all love!
  15. THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF ADVICE:  BYOC.  Bring your own coffee at 7 am.  It’s worth the extra time in the morning and usually after check-in you have a good 45 min to an hour (or long depending on your heat) to digest.

Good luck, everyone.  CrossFit competitions are fun.  They will test all of your skills.  You get to watch other competitors and learn from them.  The swag is usually rocking.  The t-shirts are cool to wear to work out in.  And I promise you’ll have fun and be looking forward to the next one!

Jingle 6

Another Comp in the Books…

Today was an individual comp at CrossFit DNR in Fort Collins, CO. I entered the Open class because I don’t have ring muscle ups yet.

After the first WOD (which consisted of pull ups, wall balls, hand release push-ups, and a row), I was in third place.

After the second WOD (which was 30 sec max effort on assault bike with 7 1/2 minutes to accumulate back squat reps at 105 lbs in one set) I was tied for sixth. Basically, I was last in the bike but first in the back squats (I got 81 reps).

The third WOD is always the hardest cause I’m tired. It was 15 burpees over box and 30 snatches which climbed in weight with 17 min time cap.

I finished fifth overall. Not bad but not what I was hoping for.

Still, it was fun.  Community was great.  Free coffee all day long courtesy of NoCo Coffee Company.  Snow as a backdrop.  Now that’s a great day!

The Key To CrossFit Is…



The key to CrossFit is pace.

Definition of pace:  “consistent and continuous speed in walking, running, or moving.”  I’ve said it before, but it’s so important it’s worth repeating.  It’s like church.  The Bible never changes.  Neither does the stories or what Jesus said.  However, humans need to hear things over and over again and sometimes with just a slight twist in order to get it.  That’s why we keep going to church even after knowing the Bible inside and out.  We can never know it and get it all and remember it all without reminders.

So get it now!

Today in our WOD I was the last one off the bike and the last one off the rower.  Neither of these moves is one of my strengths.  However, I got on and just stayed steady.  The last moves, however, were two of my strengths:  bar over burpees and overhead squats at 65 lbs.  I had my game plan before we started.

What happened?

I beat most of the people in my group.


Because they all attacked the assault bike like it was going out of style and the same thing with the rower.  At the end of the WOD they were toast.  I still had some left so I poured it on and won.  I do this same thing in 5k’s.  I find my pace and stick with it until the end.3afa7dcffc40db0631009

Rich Froning is the master of pacing.  You watch him do any WOD and he’s constantly moving at a steady pace.  The idea is to keep your heart rate as level as possible.  If you’re constantly peaking, you’ll need a valley to recover.  And a valley takes time to descend.  Time you don’t have if you want to win.

What’s the result of pacing?  For Rich, 4 CrossFit titles in a row.

For me and you, better times, more wins, and a workout at the end having you feeling amazing because of it.

I Become Obsessive When I Can’t Do Something…

Anyone else like this?

My current goal is to have handstand walks by the Open.

I know, it’s a lofty goal, and I don’t know if I’ll make it.  But I’m working my butt off trying.

And it’s become a bit obsessive at this point.

Every chance I get I’m flipping around.  I’m trying to hold my handstand longer.  Trying to get my kick ups right every time.  Doing my WodPrep course I signed up for on my off days from strength.  Having my gymnastic daughter teach me all the tricks and spot me.  Practicing, practicing, practicing–that’s what I’m doing.

And it’s hard to stop.

I had to stop to write this post.

But only after a got in one more handstand!

Any time I can’t do something I become obsessed until I can.  Because I know with enough practice and hard work I can do anything.  This applies to life as well.  Writing novels.  Learning a new computer program.  Changing jobs and mastering it.  I constantly have to be challenged or I get bored and move on.  This is why CrossFit is my passion.  Because there’s always something to work on, something to improve, or something to learn.

Without it (or whatever it is you crave in your life), you’re just going through the motions and life loses its meaning.

And who wants that?

Finally!!! I’m Back!!!

10 Minute AMRAP:

10 hang squat snatches 55 lbs for women

30 double unders

This was our WOD today and I crushed it.  I pushed hard.  Till the end.  All double unders unbroken.  Sets of 5 on the hang squat snatches.

I felt good.  No coughing.  And I did well.  It played to my strengths.  And I loved it!

Finally!  After a few months of feeling “blah” I feel great.  I hope to continue this up until and through the Open.  We’ll see.

Hey, Dave Castro!  This WOD would be perfect for 18.1 if you’re taking suggestions.