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Even When the World Is Empty, You Can Keep On Living

At some point, you have to live. Sitting at home all day is not living — it’s a slow death.

“We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.”

2 Corinthians 4:8-9

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Strategic Foresight & How to Fend Off a World-Wide Depression

This article hits the nail on the head:

It says that if we are locked down too long, we will enter a depression that will cost more lives than the virus.

The key is time — and knowing what that time is.

We can defeat the virus, save the economy, and have victory — while never again relying on China.

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Being Unstoppable When The World Says Otherwise

In a world that tells you to stop living, to give up your dreams, to not go anywhere, to not do anything, to fear for your life, to give up on others, to lay your plans aside, and to not trust that God has got it, in such a world, you need to be unstoppable.

You need to push back, to not believe the lies, the hearsay, the hysteria, and the antics, and to keep moving towards your dreams.

You cannot stop while you have breath in your body, while your legs can move, and your arms can reach for the stars because one day, you will be stopped.

None of us know when that day will come, which is why you cannot stop.

Don’t stop living because the world tells you not to. The world is not in charge; you are.

God will call you when He wants you. Until then, keep moving, keep living, keep dreaming, keep fighting, keep hoping, and keep praying.

Be the unstoppable force you were gifted with from the moment you were born.

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First Man-Made Depression

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion

People are in hysteria. So is the economy. The government is playing dictator under the guise that they know what’s best for us. But do they?

When is the fact that our freedoms are severely being impinged upon going to matter?

Millions of people died from the bubonic plague. Millions. The death rate was about 50% of those who got it. Yet, there was no force shut down of businesses. People self-quarantined, and those who had it were quarantined. And this was the Black Plague. Economic depression resulted, not because of a shut down of businesses, but because half of Europe’s population was wiped out.

If this mess goes on longer than 30 days, most of us will lose our jobs. By the time the government deems it safe, it will take years for our economy to recover. People’s lives will have been set back years, and maybe even ruined — all because the government is overreacting to a tiny virus that is going to die out on its own this summer.

I’m wondering what our Founding Fathers would say to this. I’m wondering how we let our government with one breath, tell us to shut down everything we’ve worked for our entire lives.

Politicians don’t care. They will pay themselves using fake money that we will all pay for when inflation goes through the roof.

What began as a precaution has now hit hysteria. Our economy is drowning. Americans are struggling, believing in a government they should not be believing in.

The government is playing God.

This could be America’s first man-made depression. Hopefully, our leaders will realize this before it’s too late. Or, hopefully Americans will take to the streets, demanding the government take action.

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“Organized” Muscle

My daughter won a free massage for winning first place in our recent 5k. She gave it to me, which, of course, I’ll use!

I’ve been looking for a new massage person for a while now, after having left Massage Envy, which is just too far to drive now.

I calledColorado in Motionand made an appointment. I didn’t really know about the place, which turned out to be an occupational and physical therapy center.

So, I got my first medical massage. And I learned a lot.

Apparently, my muscle is very “organized,” meaning you can see the actual individual muscles. My arms are defined, and I’m very flexible, which I thought I was not.  I had a great massage and plan on going back for my next one!

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From The Outside Looking In

During the holiday season, you attend a lot of parties, sometimes begrudgingly. You traipse along, the lure of food and drink the only reason that one foot is following another. You attend your company’s party because you feel like you have to. You go to your gym’s party because, well, you’re actually unsure why.

Once at your gym’s holiday party, you resign yourself to being amenable — friendly even. You start listening to people tell about their past year, and suddenly your eyes are opened. You listen to the tragedy of a career and a heart broken when someone’s work dog is taken away from them, for truly no reason behind it. You listen as you hear a story of how someone almost lost an arm, but in the end, the body miraculously heals, and the future looks bright. You find out someone got engaged, after a bitter divorce. You find out recent moves have led to new opportunities. You discover a deep yearning inside someone to explore this world. You discover unrequited feelings that will have to be suppressed.

You see so much pain in people’s lives that has been overcome, absorbed into the human condition that makes us all broken. For most of the year, you go about life, thinking people suck because humans are selfish, mean, rude, and annoying. For most of the year, you wish you could bury yourself in your home, insulate yourself from the evils in this world because if you truly thought about the world’s pain, suffering, and heartaches, you’d go insane.

You begin to examine your own life, your own struggles, your own feelings that have been guiding you. And suddenly, they don’t seem so bad. You realize everyone is struggling with something. You know the path you’ve been given is yours alone to walk. And you discover that path is peppered with people who zig-zag in and out of your life, some staying for longer than others — a lifetime if you’re lucky — who take your hand and walk with you, supporting you, leading you at times, and imbibing you with the strength you need to keep going.

No one promised this world would be easy. No one said you wouldn’t struggle. No one said you wouldn’t look pure evil in the eye one day (or for some, it’s many, many days) and have to overcome it. No one promised your heart wouldn’t be broken, a loved one wouldn’t die, or even that your dreams would come true. In fact, you weren’t promised anything or anyone in this world. The only thing you are promised is the next moment in time that you are living, breathing, and being. It’s that one moment that you have control over — how you spend your one moments equals to how you spend your life.

Yet outside of those moments, the one gift you have been given in this world is others. Thus, you truly only have moments, and if you are lucky, you have others. So the question for you becomes: How are you spending them?

Beauty is in hindsight; finding the reason behind everything only happens sometimes and always with time and with perspective, and if you’re lucky, you’ll learn from the reasons and the hindsight. But the true luck — the true blessings — are the people you can call friends who walk with you — even if only for one hour during an innocuous gym workout.

And that’s what you learned at your gym’s holiday party. And that’s the reason you went. Life truly can be beautiful; you just have to believe it is so…