How God Decides for You

Geese over a Field
Geese over a Field

Change, no matter how hard it may be, is usually good for you.

Humans are such creatures of habit that we resist change. Usually with all of our might. Because normal is comfortable. And we like being comfortable.

I’ve been needing a change to my CrossFit routine for a while now. But I’ve resisted it. Throw in my stomach issues and the like, and I’ve just felt blah for most of the year.

Luckily, God has decided for me.


My box where I was doing CrossFit has decided not to keep me on next year for coaching as they are moving in another direction. Since I work out primarily from home, I’m not going to continue to pay membership dues, which will go up to regular price.

Hence, I am looking for a new home. Nothing is official yet, but I am close to deciding. Price is a factor and hours as I work out early in the morning by myself for the most part.

I am also investigating a new routine — one to get me to the next level — since most of this year has been just about maintaining as my mental capacity for CrossFit had plateaued.

Although we may not like change, it’s good for us. And with the New Year right around the corner, the time is now.


  • Listen to advice from others (or from God)
  • Embrace the change
  • You will grow should be your solace
  • Soon the change will be routine
  • You will be stronger because of it

And So the Winds Change…

Yesterday, I accepted a job offer.

A dream job really.

Someone is going to PAY me to blog.

And to learn SEO, marketing, Google, design, etc.

My excitement is immense.

My attitude is a 180 degrees from blah.

I can still run my kids around.  Work out.  Do everything I’ve been doing…

I can’t wait to see what the future holds!!

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The Ebbs & Flows of “Blah”…

Image result for blahI’m feeling “blah” again.

In all aspects of my life.

Crossfit.  My muscle ups aren’t where I want them.  Same with handstand walks.  Dumbbells.  Pretty much every move I need to work on.

Career.  Trying to decide what I want to do for the next 25 years.

Diet.  Still a struggle most days.

Family.  Good except for constant teenage bickering.

Spiritual.  Could always be better.

Attitude.  Same.  Blah.

I am getting my hair done today.  It’s been a while and is overdue.

Check off one good thing!!

You Win in the Little Moments…

Handstands for five minutes every day.

Muscle up practice twice a week for 45 minutes.

Throwing in handstand push ups when it’s not programmed.

Jumping rope in your garage for 10 minutes a day.

The little moments where you do extra work is where you win the WOD/workout. It’s these little moments that add up to big gains and before you know it, you’re doing the moves without thinking!

This applies to life as well. It’s the piano practice 15 minutes a day. The extra 30 minutes of writing practice. The 15 minute walk. The phone call or text to someone you want to keep in touch with. Coming in early to work 10 minutes early every day. Reading self-help/development books 10 minutes a day. Reading the Bible 10 minutes a day. Listening to your kids when they speak. Asking them questions when they arrive home from school about their day. Texting your spouse you love them every day. Talking to your spouse for 10 minutes every night before bed. Planning time together. Activities. Moments…

All of this adds up to you. You as a better person. Better athlete. Better worker. Better spiritual life. Better parent. Better spouse.

You only have so many moments in your lifetime. Don’t waste them. Add them up. Make them count. Form memories, not items. Hold your kids tight. Kiss them good night. Greet them in the morning. Pray for them.

Time is all you have. How do you use yours?