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Based off a dream I keep having:

“Time makes the heart grow fonder,”

Distance away does as well.

So why when I see you

I feel like hell?

Storms brew

Feelings renew

I push away

As do you.

Denial works

It’s a way to cope

Because the last thing I want

Is a glimmer of hope.

I stay away

Till you draw me near

I know it will end

With bloodshed and tears.


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I Can’t Take it Anymore

I can’t take it anymore

It’s bursting inside

Screaming to come out

Yet, I want to run and hide.

You live in my dreams

It’s better that way

But the facade is draining

Trying to push you away.

I’m addicted to the feeling

When you are near

Biting my lip

Is a new frontier.

To tell, to not to tell

To feel, to not feel

I’ll play it safe

Afraid I’ll kneel.



CrossFit Poems: Uncertainty

It comes, and it goes

This feeling I have

Am I the only one?

Is it all I have?

You don’t need me

Like I need you

It’s all in my head

What should I do?

Despite my uncertainty

Despite my fray

All I know is this:

I want to continue to feel this way

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CrossFit Poems: I Am Not Afraid

I’m not afraid to live

I’d rather feel than not feel at all

I am strong enough to handle

Whatever turns the wheel.

I’d rather live

Than not feel

I’d rather be hurt

Than give in and kneel.

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CrossFit Poems: Forlorn

When you want to reach out, but you don’t know how

When you know you should pull back, but you ignore that anyhow

When life throws you curves, you go straight

When you throw reckless to the wind, you find the perfect mate

When you’re so fucked up, you wonder how you’re alive

Only one thing pulses the heart — and he’s suicide.