I Wish the Nights Would Last Forever

Colorado Mountains at night by CrossFitMomm
Colorado Mountains

I wish the nights would last forever —

The solace of the silence

Reach further into my soul.

The emptiness around me

Those asleep tucked in tight.

Me — the only one knowing

What happens in the night:

The rabbits nibble

The owls hoot

The raccoons forage

The trees shimmer.

Beautiful in their existence

And I but one to notice.

And that is the magic of the nights.

CrossFit Poem: Wallballs in the Dark

Wallballs in the Dark

CrossFit Competitions Outdoors
CrossFit Competitions Outdoors

Fall leaves rustle

Background music

Moonlight shines

Can’t choose and pick.


Sprint to the finish

Grind through the course

Squat and push

Reps are the force.

Snatch and catch

Push and pull


Bliss in the lull.

CrossFit Poems: Moons and Me

Sweat beadsImage result for moon and me

Like sparkling diamonds.

Moon shines

Soliciting attention.

Heart rate slows

Thirst appeased.

I’m alive.

Quintessential contentment.

Again and again and again…

Never stopping till life does.

Moving, striving, reaching…

Till all achieved.

But will it ever be?


The Magic of the Mornings…

Image result for big dipper

Under the Big Dipper

Nothing but sky

The Immensity of Nature

Overwhelms the Eye.


It reigns.


The gains.

Sunlight invadesRelated image

“Go away!”

“You’re ruining the moments!”

I curse the gray.

Hard work and sweat

Is the stuff dreams are made of

The feeling I get?

Like the shivers of first love.

Ode To Alex

One word:  Tireless

Two words: Amazing grace

Incessantly upbeat

Creating a carefree place.

Known as “Mr. Double Under”

Watch out!

“Here Comes the Thunder!”


Most of the time


Except on burpee grind

“Change the WOD?” I say.

“Sure, why not?”

“Add 100 burpees,” he says

My stomach inevitably knots.

Afterwards, I can’t breathe

“Well, it was a good idea,” I say.

“Until I consulted you.”

(Note my look of dismay).



Mindful of others–

Committed 100 percent


To say the least


Energy that never ceased.


The smallest detail


“You didn’t fail.”


Always a smile

No matter the circumstance

Or the trial.






Depends who you ask

It’s hard to laugh

When you need an oxygen mask.


Alex you can depend

Most importantly,

He’s a friend.

Happy Birthday, Alex!!