Learning to Walk Again…

Practicing handstand walks is learning to walk again.  It’s all about balance and—wait for it–practice.

Skill work in CrossFit is time consuming.  And it can get frustrating.

Double unders.  Took me 2 years to finally be able to do 100 unbroken almost every time.  And this is practicing every day for 6 months in the beginning.

Handstand push-ups.  Some of this is strength but mostly it’s about learning to be upside down as well.

Rope climbs.  Similar to handstand push-ups.  Mostly skill with wrapping your feet on the rope.

Multiple toes to bar.  This is a skill that takes practice to master the momentum swing.

Currently, I’m much better at finding my balance, kicking up into a handstand without the wall, and taking two-three steps.  It’s the being upside down longer and keeping balance longer.

And that will take practice.  And time.

And time before the Open is running out…


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