Could This Be the First Year in CrossFit Open History with NO Repeat Workout?

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As I’m going through the Open workouts from last year, I realize something:  we’ve done a lot of these moves already this year so if Dave picks an Open workout from last year we’ll be repeating a move.  Double unders, bar muscle ups, toes to bar, dumbbell snatches, rowing.

This, of course, goes against the definition of CrossFit: constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.

That’s not to say we can’t repeat a move.

What haven’t we seen yet?  Box jumps, wall balls, deadlifts, and chest to bar pull ups.

Dave Castro always repeats an Open workout from the year before.  But what if he doesn’t this year?  That would be him:  always trying to stay unpredictable.

It’s a possibility I thought I’d throw out there.

Any thoughts on the matter?

7 thoughts on “Could This Be the First Year in CrossFit Open History with NO Repeat Workout?

  1. Interesting theory and it is possible. He did say that he’s really kicking it up a gear this year and you can never know what goes on in his head.

    Could he possibly repeat part of a workout with barbells instead of dumbells? Barbell snatches is kind of different to dumbbell snatches I guess…

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