I Don’t Function Well Outside of Routine…

Anyone else like me?

Life happens, your schedule gets messed up, and your whole day is off?

My whole family has been sick at various times for the last two weeks.

This week has been my son who’s been home all week.  He’s got the stomach ache, phlegm build-up, went to the doctor, is constipated, has no appetite, etc.

For me, stress builds at this point.  And I usually don’t get stressed.Image result for stress

I did everything I knew how to do to relieve it:  CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Running, Coffee…nothing helped much.

It’s all in the mind, I tell myself.  Let it go.

I’m just trying to push through, control the things I can control and let God handle the rest…

That’s all I can do.

7 thoughts on “I Don’t Function Well Outside of Routine…

  1. Life throws us lemons and we just have to throw them back! I actually do pretty well with change, but I do get stressed out easily. When I do, I like to take a nice long walk in the park or put on some basketball. I hope your day is better!

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