As I Sit Here…

As I sit here in my nice warm house, watching the snow fall silently all around, blanketing the ground and every living creature in a speckled white, I realize how lucky I am.

I’m in a building with four walls that is heated with central heat. I don’t have to leave my home to get firewood. I turn on the faucet to get dinner going, and water magically comes out — unfrozen and warm even. I heat up my coffee, which I bought from the grocery store, and it warms my soul.

I look out at the beauty that surrounds me and realize this is all possible because of those who came before me and those who continue to do their jobs, day in and day out, to make this life possible. From the Armed Forces who allow me the freedom to live each day how I want to the plumbers, the roofers, and the home builders who make this abode possible, I am eternally grateful.

And to the restaurants, the insurance companies, the lawyers, the doctors, the fitness industry, the oil and gas workers, and even to the company you just got assigned that you have no idea what they do. To the police, fire, EMT’s and hospital workers who protect us all. To the teachers, the kids, family, the cats, the dogs, and the horses who make getting up each and every day worth it.

And finally, to my team (and by team, I mean all of Madwire) who helps each of these people above and countless more grow their business so we all can stay in our homes, work at our computers, admire (and even play in!) the snow, cook a hot meal, stay warm, and celebrate the beauty all around.

There’s a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

And I am grateful for you!

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