What Makes or Breaks Your Diet…

…is weekends.

Most people are awesome at dieting and sticking to their meal plans and macro counting Monday-Thursday.

They do everything right.  They pack their lunches.  They turn down cookies at work.  They weigh and measure their food.  They avoid fast food.  They don’t snack outside of their planned snacks.  They are on the path to success until….

Friday night. Saturday.  Sunday.Image result for cheat meals

Then these same people who wouldn’t touch a piece of chocolate on Tuesday are wolfing down chocolate pie and ice cream, guzzling beers at the local hang out, and eating a meal of 2000 calories after work.  Then, figuring they already broke their diet, they continue to do so all weekend until Monday comes around.  They get back on their diet only to break during the weekend again and wonder why their body composition hasn’t changed or they haven’t lost weight.

In order for your diet/meal/nutrition plan to work, adherence is the key.  It trumps everything else.  You have to stick to it.  Almost always.  95% of the time.  If you want results.

Can you have a cookie?  A piece of pie?  Ice cream?


If it fits into your macros for the day.

Otherwise, a small cookie, a small piece of pie, a small bit of ice cream.


Many diets out there allow you to cheat.  Regularly.

A lot of nutrition plans use the 80/20 rule: adhere 80% of the time, cheat 20% of the time.

This can potentially work.

The problem is most people abuse the 20%.  And the 20% turns into 25% or 30% or more.  Then they are in trouble.  But they tell themselves “Hey, it’s ok.  It’s a cheat meal.”

When cheat meals become excessive, you’ve lost.  You’ve negated all the work you did during the week and you’re at square one.  You look the same.  You feel the same (maybe even worse because you’ve cheated when you know you shouldn’t have).  And you’re so frustrated you throw in the towel altogether on eating healthy.

I propose a solution:  tell yourself you can’t cheat.  Make this your mentality.  Change how you look and feel once and for all and it’ll be a lot easier to turn down a beer.

Can you have pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving?

Of course!

That’s the 5%.  And no more.

I challenge you to make the change today and let me know the results!

Best of luck!!

There’s No End to the Sacrifices You’ll Make…

Image result for sacrifices
This is What I Wish Someone Would Do to Me Many of My Days

I’m just now finishing up a Nutrition course I’ve taken through WodPrep.com

It was really good information.

However, what I was looking for I didn’t find.

And I did realize through this course that I’ll never find it.

I was looking for a nutrition/meal plan for life.  Something I could follow every day without thinking about it that would give me the body I want and allow my body to keep doing what I’ve asked it to do.

This does not exist.


Because the human body is always changing.  Outside factors such as exercise and the intensity causes your needs to change.  Hormones will play a huge factor.  As will your individual metabolism.

It’s depressing.

To me at least.

I’m the person who plans out everything as much as possible without factoring in the curveballs life throws you continuously.

With all the sacrifices I make on a daily basis (my recent blog post HERE on this), I was hoping not to have to make this sacrifice:  the nutrition one.  The one where everything has to be controlled and if you deviate too much, you set yourself back days.  The guilt you have over the cheesecake drenched in hot fudge sauce (what I had yesterday).  Every day starting over and hoping you can avoid your temptations.  Battling the fatigue from this fight every day.

However, all this makes sense.  I was 33 when I realized I couldn’t eat anything I wanted  anymore.  And now I’m realizing I have to constantly adjust as well.


The first step in progress is recognizing the issue.  This does take a huge burden off of my shoulders as I’ve been struggling with nutrition for a while now.

I know I’ll get it.

But the fight continues…