It’s a Constant Fight…

I feel blah.

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Life’s Turbulence


Remember my original post?

It’s the same thing again.

I feel like it’s a constant fight with my body and its hormones and food and exercise and sleep and life (parenting and work and money and decisions and living).

I just want to throw in the towel at some moments.

“I give up!  I give up.  I.  GIVE.  UP!”

Never-ending work.  Effort.  Hassels.  Setbacks.  Sins.

Remember your blessings.  Remember your blessings.  Remember your blessings.

You have life.  You have your family.  You have your pets.  You have your health.  You are unlimited in mobility.  Unlimited in life.  In career.  In what you want to do.  You live in a country of choice.  You have a purpose.  A reason.  A gift.