CrossFit and Coffee: Such a Lethal Combination

I have very few passions in this world outside of my family. Two of them are coffee and CrossFit.

When coffee and CrossFit are combined together in my world, it’s a lethal combination.

How Coffee and CrossFit go Hand-in-Hand

83% of Americans drink coffee. And the US only ranks 22nd worldwide in coffee consumption! The Scandinavian countries are at the top of almost every list related to coffee. In countries where tea has traditionally been the beverage of choice (Britain and Asian countries), coffee consumption is climbing there as well.

Iced Latte

Coffee gets me out of bed. I drink coffee before the gym and after the gym. I drink coffee almost non-stop throughout the day. Coffee fuels my life.

Research has shown drinking coffee almost immediately before a workout increases power output.

Most competitions I attend, about 80% of the attendants show up early in the morning with a coffee in hand. The most memorable comps have a coffee guy on standby!

Coffee–A Staple of the American Diet

The first credible evidence of coffee as a beverage was in Africa in the 15th century. Here in America we have the Boston Tea Partiers to thank for its surge. As part of the boycott of tea, coffee replaced it. And it hasn’t ever looked back.

Coffee is a staple of the American diet in my opinion. It’s soothing and warming in the winter, satisfying in the summer, bright in the spring, and comforting in the fall (pumpkin spice, here we come!).

So here’s to you, coffee. We rise in the morning for you. We depend upon you to get us through our day. You’re a staple of time spent with friends. An excuse to leave the house on Sundays.

Coffee is the fuel to my fire when I’m dying in a CrossFit WOD. I return home, put the kettle on, grab my computer and foam roller, and wait in anticipation of that first sip.

God is good. He didn’t have to give us pleasures in this world, which we often take for granted.

Don’t today. Thank Him. For the little things and the big. He’s in them all.