working out and coronavirus

Staying Fit When Coronavirus Shuts Down Your Gym

The coronavirus seems to be everywhere these days, and most of us are sick of hearing about it and truly want it to disappear.

But until it does, we have to deal with reality.

If you gym has shut down, you may be at a loss as to what to do for fitness. Below are ideas on what to do if the coronavirus has shut down your gym. Contact me with questions!


Invest in Running

Yes, I know most CrossFitters hate running, but now is the time to develop a new hobby. All you need is shoes to run, which you have. So get outside, and enjoy the fresh air!

Bodyweight Exercises

For year, people did bodyweight exercises only and looked amazing. Your bodyweight is your resistance, and you can still stay toned and looking good through good ol’ air squats, push ups, sit ups, and pull ups.

Use What Exercise Equipment You Have

If you have been into fitness at all, odds are you have some equipment at home. Use whatever you have to create workouts. Most people have dumbbells if anything so use those. Combine a dumbbell with bodyweight and a run, and you have a kick ass workout.

Bribe a Friend with an At-Home Gym

As you know, I have my own at-home gym. Depending onĀ  how close of a friend they are, you may be able to bribe/pay to use their gym. Your friend may not want to due to the threat of the coronavirus so be understanding. However, it never hurts to ask. Even just once a week under a barbell can do wonders for you mentally.


Walking is underrated when it comes to working out. However, you will burn calories just getting out and walking your dog.


You can’t give up living because a virus is floating around. If you’re gonna get the virus and die from it, then it is your time, so do you want to waste the days leading up to it?

God has got this, like He has got everything. Trust in Him to protect you. And keep moving!