2018 CrossFit Judges Course

Every year in order to judge CrossFit athletes at all levels you have to take CrossFit’s judges course.  It’s an online course with modules that teach you correct movement standards, competition faults, and aids in counting reps of movements.  The movements involve squats, presses, pulling, hanging, and other miscellaneous movements.  It costs $10.

Having just finished it, I would say it gets easier with time as a coach, but it’s still tricky enough that you need at least an hour or probably closer to two to make it through the course in one sitting.

Counting others’ double unders takes much practice and if you’re rusty, now’s the time to start practicing.  You also get the chance to catch others’ mistakes.

I love doing this course because inevitably you always learn something or remember a nuance you forgot.  Plus, every year it changes based off of what you’ll probably see in the Open so it’s a great aid in guessing the workouts.

Even if you don’t plan to judge, this is a great review and one not to be missed!

Happy learning!!