Itching to Get Back to the Box…

I got cleared yesterday by my muscle activation specialist to go back to lifting.

But I’m gonna wait a few more days.

Cause if it’s one thing I’ve learned it’s if you push an injury too soon you end up paying the price with a much longer recovery period.


The key is distraction.

I’m heading to the pool this morning (so I don’t think about the box) and then tomorrow is a squatting day and I’ve come up with my own WOD, which is full of benchmarks, to do from home.

Another key is staying active.

Don’t sit around, pining for what you can’t do.  Do something!  Anything!  My lower body is fine.  I’m using it while my upper body takes a break.  Running a lot.  Practicing double unders a lot.

Keep your mind busy and time will pass.  Listen to your body.  Let it do its thing. Appreciate the down time. And when you come back, be smart about it.  Avoid movements that might exacerbate your injury.  For me, that’s gonna be kipping, butterflies, and muscle ups for now.  Until I feel I’m ready…


Nothing about an injury is easy.

Work arounds flat out suck.

Staying away sucks (I have to stay away or I’ll be tempted to do something I shouldn’t!)

I miss my friends.  I miss the competition.  I miss it all.