Your Body Will Do Things You’ve Never Dreamed of…

No part of me wanted to work out today.

I’m sore still from my competition.  My arms (especially my forearms) are sore.  I have odd bruises here and there that if you press hurt.  When I squat my legs scream in agony.

Still, I went.  I back squatted.  Heavy.  The WOD was assault bike, toes to bar, and clean and jerks.  Heavy.heavy-lifting

Three-fourths of the way through I thought I got this.  And it was surprising to me that I did.

Here did I realize how powerful your body is and how we constantly underestimate ourselves and tell ourselves we can’t when in reality we can.  Your thoughts are incredibly powerful.  They tell you you can’t or you can.  Grab a hold of these and be in control.  Believe in yourself.

Because you can carry the world.  And you will.  And your body will follow.