Overcoming Muscle Memory…

Muscle memory.  Love it.  And hate it.

Today during my power snatches, I reached my max.  In order to land it proficiently, I had to drop lower in my squat.  Well, it’s really, REALLY hard when my muscle memory hits the same spot every time.  I have to focus on it in order to land lower.  But I also have to focus on bar path and lock out, etc.  Ugh!!!

You want to train muscle memory and rely on it when the weight is heavy.  Yet in this instance, it’s not such a good thing.  So how to overcome it?tip-do-the-power-snatch-from-the-hang

My plan is to train it with low weight.  Drop lower than I need to with an empty bar and then gradually add weight.  And of course to do this over and over again–to reprogram the memory so I can drop lower when it’s heavy.

It’s why I’m seeking a CrossFit coach for my girls.  So they learn it correctly the first time. However, I’m finding it extremely challenging for private lessons when they are teenagers.  No one wants to do it.  Or they want to charge me a fortune.  Very frustrating for me.  I’m L1 Certified and can.  I’m just unsure of my skill level.

With CrossFit there’s always something to work on.  ALWAYS.  Never boring that’s for sure.

I’m Stronger Than I Think…

Today I maxed my power clean 10 pounds from 2 weeks ago.  I probably could have done more but didn’t have the time.

Yesterday we did 5 x 5 back squats at 80%.  I was dreading this, thinking it would be tough and unsure I would be able to do the whole set.  I ended up ADDING weight because I felt it too light!

I maxed my power snatch earlier this week as well.

Every time we do percentages on the olympic lifts, I always go higher because I rarely max and so am unsure what my true max weight is.

I know this is a mental game for me.  I always think “it’s too heavy.”  Or “I can’t do this.”  And overcoming that is a challenge for me.

I have to tell myself to “trust the process” and “I can do this” every time I approach my max weight in a WOD.

Still, knowing all of this doesn’t make any of it any easier.  So little by little, I increase my maxes so when something does show up I think, “I can do this because I’ve done it once before.”

I’m stronger than I think.  That’s my mantra.