Does Anyone Else Feel Like a Failure in Life?

I know I do.Image result for overcoming adversity

Every day.

Of every year.


Failure in life.  Parenting.  Citizenship.  Relationships.  CrossFit.  Work.  Eating.  Nutrition.  As a wife.  Being a good person.  Caring for others and about others.  Doing things for others.  Being humble.  Cleaning my house.  Reaching out to others.  Getting together with others.

Luckily, failure is temporary and you get another chance.  You can’t dwell on it.  You can’t let others make you feel guilty over it.  It’s how you react in the moment.  You can either let it bring you down or use it to do better next time.  You do the best you can with what you have at the moment.  It’s who you are that will shine through…

Trust in that on the days you feel you can’t do anything right.

It’s who you are at the end of the day that matters…