I Will NEVER Fit Into Skinny Jeans…

Leaving the bank today, I was behind a very skinny girl in very skinny jeans.

My reaction:  I’ll never be able to wear those jeans.  My thighs are three times hers!

Shopping as a woman with muscles is hard.

VERY hard.

Jeans/pants are too tight.ripped-up-skinny-jeans-machine-jeans-dark-destructed-skinny-jean-skinny-jeans-absolutely-love-love-love-these-jeans1

Dresses hang weird due to the girth of our shoulders.

Same with shirts.

Skirts work most of the time.


Either too tight or too big.


Same problem as shirts.


Usually ok because they are shorter than your thighs.

So what do you wear?

I wear yoga pants, tennis shoes, and a t-shirt (frequently one I got for free from a 5k run) in the winter and a tank top and shorts in the summer.

I feel like a skag because of this, but I have few options.

And ya know what?  I’m okay with that.

Because I’m not trading my muscles for anything.

Life’s little inconveniences are worth it.  Especially when you crush the Open!!!