“You Have Beautiful Arms…”

games2011_womene4_camilleleblancbazinet_muI teach fitness classes.  A few days ago, I visited my local Starbucks after teaching a class so I was in my workout gear without a jacket on.  The barista said this to me.  My response:  “Lots of hours in the gym.  Lots.”

It made my day.  As a woman, I sometimes feel as if muscles aren’t that attractive to others.  When I went on job interviews last summer, I purposely wore clothes that would cover my arms because of my muscles.  Especially to men.  My husband (who is biased) loves my body and my muscles.  But to others I never know.  My kids’ friends’ notice and remark “Your mom is muscular” and I don’t know how to take that.

This comment vindicated all my work.  It’s nice to hear.  Because it is hours and hours in the gym.  Lots of sweat.

Results are nice.  Very, very nice.

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