To CrossFit, You MUST Have Short-Term Memory Loss…

02325bfd0d415d68ed63fcc1932bd7fd-meaning-of-life-goldfishAs I was lying on the massage table yesterday, clenching my teeth in pain because my glutes are so tight, I asked myself, “Why do I do this to myself?”

Every month I get a massage.

Every month it hurts like hell.

However, every time I walk out the door, I can move again.

But why do I do this?

Normal reaction when telling others you are getting a massage:  “Oh, that’s so great!  I love massages!  They’re so relaxing and feel so good.”

My usual response:  “Not my massages.  They hurt like hell, and I have to get them in order to continue moving.”

Naturally, my thoughts turned to some of the horrible WOD’s we do (we had a couple this week).  Why do I keep doing this to myself?

Then it hit me:  Because I have short term memory loss.

I forget how much my massage hurts by the time my next one rolls around.  I forget how much 17.1 hurt and how I was laid up in bed all weekend with my back sore as hell.  In fact, I am actually hoping we do that one again in this Open so I get a second chance.

Competitions.  The day after you can barely walk.  You’re sore.  You might have torn.  Yet I can’t wait until my next one.

Muscle Activation Therapy.  Hurts like hell.  Yet I can move my arm afterwards.

Therefore, I have concluded we all must have short-term memory loss in order to keep doing CrossFit.  There can be no other logical explanation as to why we do what we do every day.  Why we put our bodies through hell.  Why we show up to the box every day before dawn.  Why we do multiple WOD’s in a day (like I did yesterday).  Why we put up with something tweaked day in and day out.

So keep it up, memory.  Forget the pain and focus instead on how healthy I look in the mirror, how good I feel when I can go on long hikes with my kids, how picking up heavy objects is no big deal, how my home away from home is my box, how I don’t know what I’d do without CrossFit.

“You Have Beautiful Arms…”

games2011_womene4_camilleleblancbazinet_muI teach fitness classes.  A few days ago, I visited my local Starbucks after teaching a class so I was in my workout gear without a jacket on.  The barista said this to me.  My response:  “Lots of hours in the gym.  Lots.”

It made my day.  As a woman, I sometimes feel as if muscles aren’t that attractive to others.  When I went on job interviews last summer, I purposely wore clothes that would cover my arms because of my muscles.  Especially to men.  My husband (who is biased) loves my body and my muscles.  But to others I never know.  My kids’ friends’ notice and remark “Your mom is muscular” and I don’t know how to take that.

This comment vindicated all my work.  It’s nice to hear.  Because it is hours and hours in the gym.  Lots of sweat.

Results are nice.  Very, very nice.