Tips on Removing Callouses…

It’s a love/hate relationship.75312745-110129_576x320

Those pesky callouses as a result of CrossFit.  What to do about them?

Many choose to shave them with either a pumice stone or an actual shaver.  Some just use a filer.

Me?  I pick mine.  Constantly.  When I’m bored or waiting at the doctor’s office or in line, I start picking my callouses.  It’s less painful (and dangerous) than any other way.  I’ve used a pumice stone, which works fine.  Too scared to use a shaver.

It’s a delicate balance cause you want callouses, but you don’t want them to build up.

No matter which way you choose to remove callouses, here are my tips:

  1.  Water helps!  Right after your shower or time in the pool is the time to work on removing your callouses.  It’s nice and soft and the dead skin will turn white so it’s easy not to trim too much
  2. Don’t ignore them!  The absolute worst thing you can do is let them build up.  Ripping hurts and it ruins your training for a week or more.  Keep at it!  You don’t want to slack on this one.
  3. Lastly, quit worrying about them, especially if you’re a woman.  It’s fine.  Most people don’t notice when you shake hands and men think it’s kind of cool to have them.  Use lotion still and embrace them!  They’re a sign of hard work.

Feel free to post your tips and any products you’ve found to work well below.  Hope this helps!



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