The Perpetual, Horrendous Condition of CrossFit Hands…

I ripped again on Saturday.

I did GI Jane (100 burpee pull-ups) and was wearing brand-new grips.  Not a good idea.

I was showing my sister-in-law my hands later that day, and for the first time in a long time I really looked at my hands.

I have callouses under every finger.  I have callouses on my fingers.shutterstock_10911802

Where I’ve ripped previously on my palms the skin is a different shade of pink.

My thumbs are discolored I presume from the constant turning over of the bar due to Olympic lifts.

I have an interesting curve mark in-between my thumb and first finger on my palm that I presume is from the bar as well.

My hands definitely wouldn’t win any beauty contests.

She thought they were gross.

To me, it’s something I don’t even think about.  It’s a part of CrossFit I’ve accepted like bruises and soreness.

Later, I wondered if this is one of the reasons there are more men than women who do CrossFit.

I know of one woman who quit doing CrossFit because she doesn’t like the look of her body (all muscular).

Women care more about these things.

Men like soft hands I think.  And with CrossFit they are far from soft.  The exact opposite.

What are your thoughts?  Ladies?  Do you like the look of your body from CrossFit? What about your hands?  Is that a concern?

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