I Could Be Doing So Much More…

Work is easy.4905cbf94e5942bfadcd5bb06646a0f5-tag

When it becomes easy, it’s time to move on.

The Open is coming.  I gotta prepare.  I finally feel “over” my injuries.

It’s go time.

In both areas of my life.

When I need a change, I get an itch.  Not a literal one.  But an uneasiness inside.  And it’s here now.

I’m praying about a job that will pay me what I’m worth and work for my family and one I can be passionate about and not dread every day.

Today in CrossFit I realized I need to push myself more.  I can be so much faster.  But I didn’t push.  I was upset afterwards.

I’m at the level in CrossFit where I’m the first one done, but I have no one to push me. And I need that.  And in my box it doesn’t exist.

I’m uneasy in both areas.  I feel like I’m not doing enough.  I need to do more.

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