24-HR AMRAP Challenge? Who’s In?

My box is participating in the 24-hr AMRAP Challenge this year.

What is it? you ask.  And is it what I think it is?Athletes Exercising In Gym

Yes!  It is exactly what you think it is.  You workout for 24 hours straight in a team, performing movements that change every hour.  Sound fun?

Taking place Dec 9th-10th this year, a team of six athletes will alternate movements at their home box, competing for most reps.  You submit your scores every hour online as well as videos of the team performing the movements.

What’s the prize?  What do I get for killing myself?

You get a trophy.  Oh.  And bragging rights.  Of course.  So why wouldn’t you sign up?

And who came up with this anyways?

In all seriousness, my box is going for it, and I’m gonna cheer them on.  I myself could not stay up the required 24 hours to do this nor can I afford the toll this would take on my body for training purposes.  This is definitely something for the young at heart!

Visit http://www.24houramrap.com for all the details and good luck to those competing!

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