Is Lackadaisical the Word?

Ever since I’ve been sick, I’m having trouble pushing myself to do anything.

First off, I’m still not 100%.  I keep coughing.  And occasionally blowing my nose.

During all the WOD’s this week, it took all I had just to make it through them.

Today I thought I was okay, but I came out too strong and had to slow down my pace.

I still beat everyone in my class.  But it wasn’t my best effort.

I’ve been unmotivated to lift.  Especially heavy this week.

Work has sucked.  I just don’t want to work anymore.

Chores around the house.  You name it.  I don’t want to do it.

Being sick and doing anything is tough work.  I’m hoping this weekend to take it easy and let my body recover.  And next week hopefully I’ll feel up to my training.


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