New Year’s Day…


4:30 am- 6am:  Hit the gym for a WOD and strength.  It was slow going since I’m recovering from my cold, but I did it.

6:30 am:  Walked my dog in the freezing cold.

7:30 am:  Handstand practice at home

8 am:  Breakfast

8:30 am:  Shower and dress for the day.

10 am:  Read books with kids.

10:30 am:  Errands in town.

12:00 pm:  Lunch.

1:00 pm:  Chores around the house.

This morning I did DT.  I had a coughing fit in the middle of round 2.  I also only did 95 lbs cause I knew my head was not in it and neither was my body.  I surprised myself though:  I did all push jerks unbroken–and they were easy for me!  So excited to learn this!  This means I’m stronger than I think and in 6 months I’ll RX DT with no problems!

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