My Body Composition…


This morning I did a hydrostatic body fat testing.  It’s supposed to be the most accurate body composition test.

What I found out depressed me.

And is making me rethink everything.

Here’s the stats:

Weight:  125.2 lbs

Lean Mass:  107.6 lbs

Fat:  17.6 lbs

Percentage Body Fat:  14 %

Here’s the problem:  my weight hasn’t changed in two years.  My lean mass has a bit.  My fat percentage has stayed the same.  I am obviously more muscular.  But if I want to lift more weight I have to gain more weight.

I have two options:

1)  Gain weight.  Results:  Lift more.

2)  Stay the same.  Results:  Lift the same.

It’s depressing really.  If I stay the same, I’m only looking at incremental changes in maxes.  But I don’t want to gain more weight.

Here’s the dilemma:  I want to lift more but stay the same body fat percentage.

So I guess I’m stuck with option 2.

So why then am I trying so hard?

What it comes down to is this:  I can’t worry about it or focus on it.  I have to focus on my goals.  Period.  Whatever else will be will be.

All I can do is this:  follow my nutrition plan and my workout plan.  That’s all I can control.  My body will do naturally what God designed it to do.

So why am I stressing?  (see the 2×4 hit me over the head right now).


I just am….

Probably because I’m a product of this society and culture that values what you look like and in my head I have an image that I’m just not…

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