I Do Best When Someone Tells Me What to Do…

The beauty of group fitness classes.

You show up.  You don’t have to think.  All you have to do is listen and mimic.

As beautiful as a gossomer spider web with morning dew.

Same with CrossFit.

A break from not having to think about things in life…

Lately, I’ve had a HUGE problem staying on my diet.

I’m tired of being hungry all the time and craving sugar.

So I’m taking a chance and despite the cost invested in Ben Dziwulski’s Nutrition Course from WodPrep

I need someone to tell me what to do.

And I’ll do it.

I need encouragement.

I need a plan.

I’ll have accountability.

And the tools to follow for the rest of my life.

It all begins today…

Healthiness for life, I pray.

5 thoughts on “I Do Best When Someone Tells Me What to Do…

  1. Hey! Cheer up! You are not alone!
    The recipe is patience. You can’t lose weight quickly because it took long time to gain it. Plus, body has a “memory”, so if you starve it gets into economy mode to keep… your weight!
    So, what is the solution?
    Forget all those foods that increase body’s acidity, such as milk and cheese (i know… it’s hard… i have always loved cheese… then I found out it’s really bad for health in general and stopped eating it… i feel much better about everything now), sugar and salt, carbs.
    Eat lentils, quinoa, red beans, vegetables and fruits. Drink green tea and coffee. The most important thing: eat ONLY when you are hungry, not out of habit or because it’s time for a meal. Trust me! It works! Best to you!

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