4 thoughts on “What a CrossFit Competition Does for YOU…

  1. Wow. Congratulations on achieving so much. A question for you. I am mmm..truthfully 58 and a crossfit gym member (crossfit Ashbourne) Am i too old for it?I love it, love that each small achievement is encouraged but I have still a long way to almost getting a pull up double unders are 1 every now and then .

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    1. No! You’re never too old! It’s true it takes longer for you to learn moves and skills now that you’re older (I didn’t start when I was 23 either), but if you like it and how you feel doing it, continue! Everything is scalable and with hard work you’ll get there! Keep it up!


  2. Here’s where I admit to having never heard of cross-fit competitions until you followed my blog. I’m still at the point of just thinking about getting back into running – I used to go running a couple of times a week before children, but that all fell apart as they grew up, and needed to be ferried around town throughout the week.

    I loved your observation about your body being capable of more than you thought. Back when I used to go running a lot, it got into my head one morning to see how fast I could run for the last mile home, so doubled my usual speed – and was stunned to discover I could keep running at twice the pace.

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    1. Our bodies are truly amazing and frequently we don’t give ourselves credit for what they can do. With so many comparisons to other people it’s hard in today’s world to grow up believing in all you are capable of. Thanks for your thoughts!

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