“I Want Your Legs.”

This is what my waxing gal said to me.

I showed up right before CrossFit Open Workout 18.3 so I was in my standard CrossFit gear:  NikePro shorts, tank top, sports bra.  What I don’t normally wear out in public but if you read my post from a few days ago, I was too lazy to change and re-change.

She asked me what I did.Jingle 9


“Oh.  How long?”

“Almost 2 1/2 years now.”

“Oh.  That explains it.”

Then we dived into a conversation on diet as she asked me what I ate.

This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten this compliment.  Or similar ones related to my arms.

It’s nice to hear.  It validates all the hard work.  For the most part.

As a woman in today’s society, there’s always insecurities surrounding your body.  Always.  Men just don’t understand this because they aren’t judged based on appearance like women are.

There will always be doubts, insecurities, feelings of inadequacy related to our bodies, and judgments both by ourselves and by others–probably for a lifetime.  It’s sad, but a part of the modern world.  One can either lament this fact or accept it and move forward.

For me, it’s gotten better as I’ve aged, but not entirely especially since my body has done a huge transformation since I started CrossFit.  Few are the days where I am 100% satisfied with how I look.  Internal battles simmer beneath the surface almost daily with regards to body image.

I’m currently in a battle of finding the right meal plan and proportions for the rest of my life that will fuel my very active lifestyle without unnecessary weight gain.  I’m enrolled in a nutrition course, and I’m devouring books on the subject.  It’s a part of my life I hope to have figured out soon, so I can quit thinking about it.  Still, being surrounded by candy almost non-stop in this consumer age (it seems we jump from one candy holiday to another these days) and other goodies (I do have kids, ya know) makes it extremely difficult to stick to your guns.

Ah, the beauty of life….

We have choices.  Sometimes too many.

But the choice to follow my passion (CrossFit) and fight through where that leads me (injuries, nutrition/fueling the body challenges, and a changing body image) is one I’ll never regret.

3 thoughts on ““I Want Your Legs.”

  1. As I read this, I thought I’d written it. Always active, certified fitness trainer for the Y where I taught for many years, it seems we women are never satisfied, and I have come to see that I am so very judgmental – of me! Mindset conditioning from being bombarded by fitness magazines and fashion where healthy means “perfectly skinny”; thank goodness we are changing.

    People always asked me why I worked out, judging by my appearance. My standard response was simply that just because you “are not fat” does not mean you are “healthy.”

    Thank you for your sharing with the world and being a role model and encourager, especially for anyone who is only just thinking about being healthy and how to go about doing it.

    As a Reiki Master etc. I have been “cross-training” my mind, for the seeds of everything we project and become, start in the mind. Loving yourself is the only way any of us can be loving to others, for if we have no love (of self) there is none to share with the world.

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