Injuries and Adversities Make You More Determined to Overcome…

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Before I hurt my wrist, I was going along, happily merry and content.

After I hurt my wrist, I realized I had become a bit complacent.

Injuries make you stop and reflect on what’s happening around you.  You have more time to think about what’s important to you in this world and what your goals are moving forward.

For me, March will be a month of healing.

April and May will be months of hard work to get the two skills I lack:  ring muscle ups and handstand walks.

This summer will be all technique work and strength building.

The fall:  putting it all together.

Winter:  Staying healthy for the Open.

Because my new goal is this:  be in the top 20 in my region in the CrossFit Open next year.  Will I ever make it to Regionals?  Probably not.  Once you’re masters, it’s a worldwide competition.  But I want to be the best ranking in something so I chose this instead.

Getting clear on goals gives you something to live for.  Otherwise, you are floating passively through life, letting life happen to you instead of you happening to life.  And if you’re not careful, you’ll wake up one day and you’re fifty and you’ll wonder where all your time went.

We all hear this so many times we tend to ignore it.  DON’T IGNORE THIS!  We all know someone who died too soon or who didn’t accomplish their mission here on earth or who is just going through the motions.  Don’t be that person!  Start now!

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