I am LOVING Blogging…

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I’ve been blogging now for eleven years.  I’ve been with WordPress that entire time.  Some blogs of mine are defunct, but I currently run three blogs.

And I’m having the time of my life!

As some of you know, my other passion in life besides CrossFit is writing.  I’ve written eight novels (none of which are published).  Last year, I decided to take a break from novel writing because the rejections from literary agents was killing me.

I started this blog.  And then another.  Along with one I’ve had eight years now.  Besides my time every day doing CrossFit, this is my favorite time of the day.  Writing.  Sharing.  Connecting with you all.  Reading what’s happening in your world, on your side of the globe, and where you all are traveling to and what makes your heart sing.  It has been a true joy to see all of this and learn so much!

I started thinking, “Maybe I’m meant to blog instead of write novels.  I’m insanely good at this after all this practice.  And I love it.”  I even interviewed with a company to blog for them (that I’m hoping to hear from next week!).

Only time will tell.

Right now, I’m embracing every minute of this.  I want to thank you all for making this so enjoyable.  You visit my blog.  You leave comments.  I visit yours.  Learn about your world.  I feel so very blessed being able to do so.

The internet is many things to many people.  Here I believe is one place it shines.  Opening up worlds that before would be unknowable.  Seeing what you see.  Visiting where you visit.  Learning what you know.  Being a part of your world as much as you can be on the Internet.  I am so very blessed…

Thank you, everyone!  I look forward to the future and what you all bring!

Happy blogging!!

19 thoughts on “I am LOVING Blogging…

  1. You made a beautiful text. look at the blog beyond being just a tool but rather be an instrument of having no borders. really enjoyed. Can you point me to your literature blog? I am passionate about literature and reading is something that is part of my life and what I am. thank you so much.

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    1. Well, my other blogs are not literature really but I do do book reviews 2-3 times a month. Do you have an email address and I’ll email them to you? Thanks for asking and take care!!


  2. Really inspiring that you’ve been going 11 years, whereas I am only just coming up to 11 months! I’ve learned masses in that time, and made new friends through blogging. Your post makes me reflect on just how many more (non-monetary) rewards there are to reap as I keep going. Thanks for your lovely thoughtful words

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  3. I am fairly new to blogging, but my experience so far has been wonderful. The writers I have met have been so generous, positive and helpful. I have read some fantastic posts and done some serious self-examination. Great article!

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  4. I’m impressed–13 years of blogging–wow! I’ve been contributing to the WordSisters blog for 5 years, and love it too. Like you, I have other writing pursuits –essays and short memoir, in my case. Occasionally my stuff get published, but mostly not. For me, the beauty of blogging is getting my ideas out there and hearing from readers like you. Thanks for following WordSisters! Hope you enjoy our miscellaneous views.

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  5. You are totally inspiring! 11 years is very impressive. I love blogging, as well. I have fun with it and love the people I meet. It’s nice to meet you and thank you for following BrewNSpew.

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  6. Thanks for following my blog. I am enjoying reading yours. I actually think that a blog could be accepted as a new literary form. After all with links between posts as I have there are many directions one’s blog reading can take. Congrats for doing it for so many years. I’ve only reached my 5th !

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