Updated Costs of CrossFit

Like all hobbies, there’s usually a cost involved to participate. Some hobbies are more expensive than others, and the level of expense can vary, depending on how involved you are or how much you want to spend.

This year, I’ve spent a TON  on CrossFit. I did an update 6 months ago HERE. Here’s the cost since then:


Hot CrossFit Chicks wearing weight vest and hoisting sand bag
CrossFit Weight Vest and Sand Bag
  • Rower — $1000
  • Rogue Echo Assault Bike — $750
  • CrossFit competitions — about $600
  • CrossFit clothes — $250
  • CrossFit No Bull Shoes — $130
  • Rogue Women’s Operator Barbell — $290
  • Kettlebell — $50
  • Brute Force Sandbags & Sand — $400
  • Massage — $525
  • Muscle Activation Therapy — $300
  • Box Membership — $458.50
  • Chiropractor — $200
  • Sum total: $4953.50

Add this to the total for CrossFit since May, which was $2,067 and the Grand total is:


I spent a ton this year on my home CrossFit gym, which is CrossFit equipment that will last me a lifetime. Still, hobbies are expensive. Luckily, I really only have CrossFit, and luckily, I got a new job to pay for all of this.

It’s worth it — to have a passion that keeps you in shape, happy about yourself, relieves stress, and is healthy is actually priceless. I thought I spent a lot more than seven thousand dollars on CrossFit.

What’s your passion you spend a lot on?

I am LOVING Blogging…

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I’ve been blogging now for eleven years.  I’ve been with WordPress that entire time.  Some blogs of mine are defunct, but I currently run three blogs.

And I’m having the time of my life!

As some of you know, my other passion in life besides CrossFit is writing.  I’ve written eight novels (none of which are published).  Last year, I decided to take a break from novel writing because the rejections from literary agents was killing me.

I started this blog.  And then another.  Along with one I’ve had eight years now.  Besides my time every day doing CrossFit, this is my favorite time of the day.  Writing.  Sharing.  Connecting with you all.  Reading what’s happening in your world, on your side of the globe, and where you all are traveling to and what makes your heart sing.  It has been a true joy to see all of this and learn so much!

I started thinking, “Maybe I’m meant to blog instead of write novels.  I’m insanely good at this after all this practice.  And I love it.”  I even interviewed with a company to blog for them (that I’m hoping to hear from next week!).

Only time will tell.

Right now, I’m embracing every minute of this.  I want to thank you all for making this so enjoyable.  You visit my blog.  You leave comments.  I visit yours.  Learn about your world.  I feel so very blessed being able to do so.

The internet is many things to many people.  Here I believe is one place it shines.  Opening up worlds that before would be unknowable.  Seeing what you see.  Visiting where you visit.  Learning what you know.  Being a part of your world as much as you can be on the Internet.  I am so very blessed…

Thank you, everyone!  I look forward to the future and what you all bring!

Happy blogging!!

“I Don’t Want to Be Sore All the Time.”

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This is what my husband said when we were talking about him coming back to CrossFit.

He did CrossFit for about 6 months, and then had to quit due to his inconsistent work schedule.

We were talking about him coming back, and this was his reason for not doing so.

I can’t blame him.

There are days (more than I’d like to admit) when I ask myself Why am I doing this?  

The days when I can hardly bend over cause my hamstrings are so tight.  The days my hands rip, and it’s painful to do anything.  When I get a massage and it hurts like hell. When muscle activation hurts like hell.  When bruises pepper my body like a minefield.  The days I’m dragging at the gym.  The soreness.  The aches.  The tweaks.  The pain.  The injuries.  The scar tissue (yep, on my hands from tears).

I’d like to say I have a good answer to that question, but I don’t.

Like I posted last week, there’s something in me that drives me in this sport, and it’s hard to explain.  The drive to be the best.  To sacrifice.  To do what needs to be done, so I can be the best.

But this sport is not for everyone.  Not everyone (ok, so the VAST majority of the world) feel about CrossFit what I feel about CrossFit.

And that’s ok.  We all have our own passions and desires in this world.  The key to happiness is finding your passion and desire and then going all in!

You only live once.  Make it count.

One Week Till the Open…And I’m Getting Anxious…

I usually get anxious right before competitions.

But a week before?

I’ve spent the last year preparing for the Open.  One whole year of my life.

I’m stronger.  I’ve improved all my skills.  I’ve added new ones.

But I don’t have all the skills.  Nor all the strength.

And that worries me.

All it takes is one move to show up that

1) I either don’t have or

2) I suck at

And everything I’ve worked so hard for is thrown out the window.

My body has tweaks here and there.  My right fingers are swollen.  My right calf is tight.  My massage guy is sick.  My muscle activation lady is sick.  I know my glutes are tight.  I am bruised from Jason.

I remind myself that I choose this.


Because it gives me something to cling to when there’s nothing else in my world to cling to.  It’s the constant and the rock in my life when all else is a storm.  It’s something to strive for.  To achieve.  And to keep achieving.

It’s a passion.  And passion is so rare in life that when you find it, you cling to it with everything you’ve got.  You don’t give up.  No matter the pain.  The frustrations.  The defeats.  You keep going.  One step at a time.  With the belief great things will be achieved…

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