Feeling Down? Turn to WordPress…

I often feel insignificant.

Like what I say doesn’t matter.Image result for images you matter

No one cares what I do.

Or how I do it.

Or why.

After all, I am one in seven billion people on this planet.  Why SHOULD anyone care?

It’s been a tough week in my little life that no one cares about.  Stressful, anxious, characterized by impatience, draining, running on empty.

With the Open over, one is left ambivalent:  glad but sad.  And I would dare say, lost.

What now?

On a whim, I decide to check out what you all are doing and what’s happening in your lives.

I was led HERE a post where someone actually said I helped them.  Me!  My site.  My words!  My miniscule life.

It was the boost I needed. To persevere.  To strive, to seek, to find, and not to fail.  To push back harder when pushed.  To go against the grain.  To be true to yourself when the world tells you to conform.  To put yourself out there when others won’t.  To be the best you you can be.

You do make a difference.  You do matter.  You are significant.  You are important.  You contribute much more than you could ever dream.

Fight for the good life.  You deserve it.  You will be rewarded.

In your heart.  In your soul.  In others…

That’s what life’s about.

13 thoughts on “Feeling Down? Turn to WordPress…

  1. What you say is so true. Because people like you are humble, you tend to downgrade your life. Yet, God’s purpose for you here is so much greater than what we actually know. Seems at least one reason you are here is for me such as myself who enjoy reading about what you have to say. Thank you.

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