I’m Tired of Being Alone…

Everything I’ve accomplished over the last year has been because of me.Image result for finding mentors

Because I’ve pushed.  I’ve done the extra work.  I’ve wanted it.

The results are more than I could have imagined.

However, this is draining.  Mentally.

I need a cheerleader.  I need a coach.  I need someone else to push me to where I need to go.

Finding this won’t be easy.  It may still end up just being me again.

But I can try.  Hope.  Pray…

10 thoughts on “I’m Tired of Being Alone…

  1. GREAT POST! I am feeling that right now as well. Not for exercise, but in other areas of my life. It’s true that we are more driven when we can have a mentor OR as you mentioned, someone who is a cheerleader OR someone who is trying to reach success in another area of their life and they just KNOW and UNDERSTAND our drive, because they are equally driven, so we push each other!

    It is easier to be driven when either someone says, “you’ll never do that” or someone says, “SOOO, what progress have you made? Get on with it.”

    Thanks for sharing… you’ve put the nail on the head for what I have been missing in my life!

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