Running at 3:30 AM…

I didn’t realize how much I miss running very early in the morning until I did so today.

When I was in college, I’d run every day from 3-4 am.  Every day.  Rain.  Snow.  Sun.  Wind.  It didn’t matter.

I hurt my knee after my marathon and gave up running for almost a decade until I started CrossFit and picked it up again.

Now, I love to run 5k’s and jog.  I just don’t do it every day!Image result for running in the dark

Today I decided to exercise early.  By myself.

It was snowing out but not sticking since the ground is too warm here in CO at this time of year for that.

It was euphoria…

There’s this “dead zone” as I like to call it where 95% of the population is sleeping and it’s between 2:30-4:30 am.  This is my favorite time of the day.  To be alone.  Me.  My thoughts.  God.  To do my thing.  To think.  To plan my day.  To read.  To write.  To exercise.  To breathe.  To be.

I also love the dark.  I love winter because it’s dark the majority of the time.

You combine all these elements–darkness, silence, and the sense of being alone on this planet–and you touch magic.

I wanna touch magic more often now.  Don’t you?

29 thoughts on “Running at 3:30 AM…

  1. That pretty early, but I can definitely relate. The first two hours of everyday belong to me, for me. While I can’t run much anymore, I still honor that. 2 hours with exercise…and coffee. Nice.

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  2. Just when I think, “she’s going to take a break and rest…”. You send a message that you are running at 3:30 AM.

    Do you know the story of the Nun who runs triathlons? She is like you, so passionate about exercise, it is her life! This is what keeps her going in life. Here is her main story, but then Google her to see her Nike ad.

    So, start your CrossFit book. The premise of your book is WHY/HOW, you became so focused on exercise… with the Nun it was at 48 years old, very interesting, also that running was boring, but she liked the diversity of a triathlon. Happy reading!

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      1. Here are some ideas for your book. First, exercise is important. WHY do you exercise so much… an escape from life, gives you a challenge in life — WHAT? Second, What is CrossFit? Third, Can you do CrossFit just as a normal exercise, do you have to do it just for competitions? Fourth, HOW do you push yourself when you are tired and don’t feel like exercising?

        GEE, there is so much that could make this a really good heartfelt book?

        Read the story about the Nun, her story is inspiring, basically, she needed a goal in life… at 48 to start running, God helped her find a personal purpose through something she enjoyed doing.

        Exercise — we ALL know we should do it, how do we find the time to PUT OURSELVES FIRST.

        What I like about the Nun’s story is she worked out, but never at a gym it sounds like, she fit it in exercise the best she could in her normal life.

        Anyhow, you get the idea! WHILE you run, you better have a dictation device, your mind will start swimming with creative ideas! I’m excited for you!

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      2. Me too and thanks!!! I usually write down my ideas as soon as I’m done running but using my phone should be good too! Thanks SO MUCH for the encouragement and ideas!!


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