CrossFit: All I EVER Want to Do is CrossFit…

“Something wrong?” my friend asks as I stare off into space.

“No,” I say with a sigh.  “I’m just thinking about tomorrow’s workout is all.”

She rolls her eyes.  “You.  Have.  Problems.”

“Yeah,” I say.  “I know.”

And so it goes.  Another typical conversation I have with others.

All I ever really want to do is CrossFit.  Either work on skills.  Workout.  Do competitions.  Attend Olympic Lifting class.  Run 5ks.  Charity days.  Coach.  And talk about it. Or Write about it.  It fuels my soul like nothing else.  You throw in a cup of coffee AND CrossFit talk and I’m in heaven!

Image result for starbucks cup crossfit box
Kettlebell Coffee Mugs!

I like to wake up and CrossFit.  I like to work on skills throughout the day.  And I have to get enough sleep to do this each and every day.  It drives my eating.  It drives my life.

Sometimes I image what my life would be like if I were 20 years younger and CrossFitting.  It wasn’t meant to be, but it’s always fun to dream!

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