CrossFit: CrossFit Hero WOD Small

CrossFit: Crossfit Hero WOD Small

Well, there’s nothing “small” about this workout.

Named after US Army Staff Sergeant Marc Small who died in 2009 in Afghanistan, this workout entails:

3 Rounds for Time of:

1000 m row

50 burpees

50 box jumps

800 m run

I’m thinking 30 minutes, no problem.

Ended up being 56:15.  Not even close.

This workout can be described in one word:  tedious.

All the moves are easy.  It’s grinding through them that takes the time.

Still, great cardio workout to honor another soldier who died so I can write this.

CrossFit: Who Needs To Walk? That’s No Big Deal…


I’m unsure why I do the things I do.

I did another workout that made everything burn–to the extreme.

This was another CrossFit Hero WOD (since I’m injured I’m trying to find cardio-based workouts with no wrist extension or pulling)–Donny.

Jingle 7

It was:

21-15-9-9-15-21 (this is the number of reps) of:

Deadlifts at 155 lbs


Two moves.  No big deal.

For a normal workout, we usually do just the first half (12-15-9).  Since this is a CrossFit Hero Wod, it’s harder and you go back up the ladder.

Sure.  Why not?

I’ll tell you why not.  Because a few hours later your quads are going to start burning and not stop.  Then the next day your quads will barely extend and contract.  Squatting will be near impossible.  And walking?

Who needs to walk?

I’m Afraid…

I’m afraid of failure.

The Mountain Must Be Climbed

Of heavy weights.

Of falling on my face doing handstand walks.

Of falling on my face doing a ring muscle up.

Of hurting myself to the point I can’t work out.

Of overdoing it.

Of pushing too hard.

Of not pushing hard enough.

Of burn out (which happens quite frequently).

Of indifference,


And stagnation.

Yet, I press on.

What other choice is there?

Granite Games Finish…



Image result for picture ring muscle up
Ring Muscle Ups

“What I need is for ring muscle ups to show up either in a competition or the Granite Games,” I remarked to my daughter.  “Then I’ll have incentive to get one.”

Well, guess what?  They showed up the next week in the Granite Games qualifier as workout #5.

I was excited.  As excited as you can get about muscle ups when you don’t have them and you need them for a competition.  And I had almost gotten one the day before.

However, going into the workout, I was sore from the week and from practicing muscle ups.  My mind was just not there.  It wasn’t my time…

I came in 83rd overall for my age group.

Not bad considering my score on Workout #5 was a big, fat zero since I couldn’t get a ring muscle up.

The last workout with dumbbell thrusters surprised me.  Surprised me because I did better than I thought I was going to do.

I entered the Granite Games on a whim.  No expectations.  Not really caring where I finished or how I did.  Just to do it…

All the workouts were hard.  Some were insane struggles just to keep moving.  But overall I learned a ton.  Had a good time with my fellow box members who took on the challenge along with me.  Progressed mentally more than anything.  Which at this point in my career is where I’m at:  breaking down mental barriers as to what I think I can and can’t do.

Final verdict:  Worth every sweat drop and bruise!

Next year?  Who knows…

CrossFit: Fourth of July Murph…

CrossFit Hero Workout Murph

Time for my monthly Murph update.  Murph is a CrossFit Heros workout consisting of a

Pull Ups

mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 sit ups, and 300 air squats and ending with a 1 mile run.

I waited for the 4th of July to do this since it’s our Independence Day and Lieutenant Michael Murphy died for our freedom.

This time I did it strict. And no pressure on me. I wasn’t trying to PR (personal record or beat my previous time). I was just looking for a good workout to celebrate our freedoms.

My time was 45:52.  I wore a vest, but jogged the mile runs for about 11 minute miles.  The pull ups were slower, but overall not bad.

If you’re a CrossFitter, then you know every workout (almost) is for time.  Try doing one not for time some time.  It’s a whole other world…


CrossFit: CrossFit Hero Workout: Bruck

CrossFit: CrossFit Hero Workout:  Bruck

It’s been two days since I’ve done this Hero Workout, and I’m still sore as heck!  My entire shoulders all across my back.  My arms.

Four rounds of:  400 m run, 24 back squats at 125 lbs, and 24 push jerks at 95 lbs.

This hero workout is named after US Coast Guard Petty Officer Nathan Bruckenthal who died in 2004 in Iraq after the boat he was in exploded.

I was seeking a workout with some squats and a run and thought this would be easy and fun.

It was far from easy.

95 lb push jerks are heavy for me and you do the math (which I didn’t until afterwards) and I did 96 reps for a total weight moved of 9,120 lbs overhead and for the back squats total weight was 12,000 lbs.

I had never sweated as much as I had in my life as I did doing this workout (of course it has been very hot here in Colorado).  It was dripping in my eyes, coated my stomach and backside and drenched my shorts.

It fit the bill of what I was looking for.  Great workout.  Hard work.  And definitely lived up to a CrossFit hero WOD–tough and memorable–in honor of Officer Bruckenthal.


This Hero WOD had everything in it: a push, a pull, a squat, and cardio/run.

It is:  Ten rounds of:  150 m run, 7 chest to bar pull ups, 7 front squats at 95 lbs for women, and 7 handstand push-ups.

Named after Corporal Nicholas Bulger who died in 2009 by an IED in Afghanistan, this WOD is perfect in every way.  I stricted all the chest to bar pull ups.  The temperature at 4 am was amazing.  I love being outdoors under the moonlight working up a sweat.  I just love working out.  With really great moves and feeling like I’m accomplishing something with my body.  Constantly pushing and striving and achieving.

I really can’t explain it beyond that…