CrossFit: I’m Afraid…

I’m afraid of failure.

Kruger Rock Trail Estes Park, Colorado

Of heavy weights.

Of falling on my face doing handstand walks.

Of falling on my face doing a ring muscle up.

Of hurting myself to the point I can’t work out.

Of overdoing it.

Of pushing too hard.

Of not pushing hard enough.

Of burn out (which happens quite frequently).

Of indifference,


And stagnation.

Yet, I press on.

What other choice is there?

6 thoughts on “CrossFit: I’m Afraid…

  1. It seem as though fear get a lot of attention in your post. I believe in healthy fear that causes us to contemplate our limits and helps us stay within them, By walking through unrealistic fear we can grow and become strong. I have learned to ignore the fear that try’s to paralyze me by making me fearful of everything.

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  2. There is always choice. I am in no position to comment upon fitness and exercise but I can speak up in the name of common sense. Listen to what your body tells you – that fear is one of your own defence mechanisms in action; please do not ignore it!

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