Fitness: The Benefits of Swimming

It’s been about 5 months since I last hit the pool and did some laps.

I love swimming, but CrossFit is taking up most of my time, so I cut out swimming about 5 months ago.

Today, I went swimming and realized how much I miss it. It was fun, exhilarating, and a great cardio workout. Here’s my tips on why you should swim more.

The Benefits of Swimming

  • It doesn’t feel like work. Swimming is relaxing, enjoyable, and fun. It doesn’t really feel like you are working out, but you are.Related image
  • Work every muscle at once. There’s no better all-around workout than swimming. Every muscle is worked from your upper body to your lower body.
  • Cardio. Swimming is a cardio exercise, and we all need to get our heart rates up for maximum benefits to our fitness and health. You also build endurance and muscle strength.
  • Low impact. Swimming is pushing against water, so your bones and joints are protected.
  • Great if you have an injury. Swimming is active recovery and perfect if you’re trying to heal a muscle. You’ll get blood flow to the area you want to target without weight-bearing on the muscle.
  • Boosts your mood and helps to manage stress. With the serotonins and endorphins rushing from exercise, you will feel better about yourself and release pent-up stress in the process.

I need to swim more. We all do. An activity you can do up till the day you die, swimming is an all-around workout that is great for your health, your body, your mind, and your soul. Go and swim today!

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