The Days I Wish I Didn’t Go to CrossFit…

Today was one of those days.  It was a partner WOD (which aren’t my favorite because I can never find partners at my level–see post HERE).  I went however mainly because that’s what I always do.

I regretted it.

I should have hit the pool instead.

I was swimming regularly until I got my tattoo and it’s completely changed my swim schedule (you have to wait until your tattoo is completely healed to expose it to chlorine).  I have one more session to go in June on my tattoo and then I should be back to normal.  But that’s beside the point…

The workout was dumb:  100 cal row, 100 box jumps, 100 deadlifts, 100 wall balls, 100 burpees and back again.  Partners of 3.

I felt I didn’t get a good workout.  I hate standing around.  I didn’t enjoy it.  It was all cardio.  Which I could have accomplished in the pool.

Yes, there are WOD’s I don’t like.  And this was one of them.  Unfortunately, you usually don’t realize this until it’s over.

So, on those days of partners, I will be in the pool instead (as long as the timing is right).  I’m such an individual competitor.  Teams drive me up the wall.  The last partner workout I actually enjoyed was one I was with a gal who was a bit above my level and we pushed each other.  And this is rare…because at CrossFit, you never know who’ll show up.