CrossFit: I Realized Today I’m On My Own

I’ve found that when you come to rely too much on other people, things tend not to get done.

This has been the case for my ring muscle ups. I’ve been relying on my coach to get me there. Now, I realize I have to get myself there, or it will never happen.

Thus, with the new year, I’m going to put together a new plan to get me there by May 1st. I have to have a concrete goal with a concrete date, or it will never happen. We’ll see how this one goes.

However, I will conquer those rings one way or another!

3 thoughts on “CrossFit: I Realized Today I’m On My Own

  1. Good luck with that goal! You are responsible for what you can and I’m glad you have noticed that. Look at it positively however. Try to think about how independence can be good for you ☺️

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  2. I’m sure you will get there. For too long I tried to rely on others to sort out my injury problems. Was getting nowhere. But last few months I realised it was ultimately down to me. Touch wood I’ve found a way of being less injured. Now it’s down to me to fully get me fitness back. Then improve on it.

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