I Work to Pay for CrossFit…

I remember a mom telling me she got a part-time job to pay for her kids to do an expensive soccer travel program.  I remember thinking at the time she was nuts.

Yet here I am, working to pay for my passion–CrossFit–and everything that goes along with that.

I’m sure she’d think I was nuts as well.Image result for paying out money

In the last month, I’ve spent a great deal of money on maintaining my body because of CrossFit.

  1. Sprained wrist.  Doctor’s visit
  2. Massage
  3. Chiropractor for scar tissue built up in my hand from ripping
  4. Muscle activation technique to get my muscles working again
  5. Hydrostatic testing for body fat measurements

Throw in life on top of this:

  1. My son broke his finger
  2. I have an eye appointment because I have a partially detached retina from who-knows-when that I have to have monitored
  3. I chipped a tooth and had to have that fixed

And my whole paycheck for the month is gone.  All for body, routine, and emergency maintenance.

I wonder Is it worth it?  All this time and money and aches and pains.

And the answer is always the same:  YES!


For what CrossFit gives me, most of which is indescribable.  An outlet.  A venue.  A community.  A sense of belonging.  A release.  Health.  Happiness.  Fulfillment of a deep need.  Satisfaction.  Confidence.  Goals.  Connections.  Friends.