“Man, You’re Ripped!”

917These are the words one of my CrossFit coaches greeted me with today.  I don’t see her much as she coaches the classes I usually don’t attend, but today I went to a different class.

My mom whom I haven’t seen for a bit either said the exact same thing to me (almost) a few days before.

“Yes, I’ve gotten bigger,” I acknowledge.

I work hard.  And I do get a lot of attention.  There just aren’t that many women walking around who look like me.

It’s a compliment.  And I don’t take compliments all that well.  And it’s a body image thing.  It’s accepting how my body has changed over the past year.  Plus, reconciling how my body looks compared to how society thinks a woman should look is something I don’t think about all that much.

Yes, I know I’m different.  I don’t mind being different.  Still, it has it moments.  However, it’s nice to be acknowledged.  It’s nice to feel beautiful.  Even when beautiful is different.